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  • Honestly, I don't know how it got to this.

  • I don't know how this is now a thing, but this is now a thing that's happening.

  • Apparently I have a quest in life, and that is to taste all of the clear coffee beverages off the world so you don't have to.

  • And as of today, maybe we'll do a ranking off the most disgusting.

  • Clear coffee rev ridges in the world, sir.

  • What?

  • Ha!

  • What do I have you today?

  • Well, I saw this on the internet.

  • And this is how's New York Seltzer water?

  • Coffee flavored.

  • It is, shockingly a limited edition. 00:00:54.720 --> 00:01:0.540 I wonder why it might be a limited edition, but it does contain 174 milligrams of caffeine. 00:01:0.870 --> 00:01:5.030 Now, I am grateful to Zach someone on Twitter who hooked me up with this. 00:01:5.040 --> 00:01:5.990 I've seen it. 00:01:6.270 --> 00:01:8.140 I wanted to know if anyone could buy it for me. 00:01:8.140 --> 00:01:10.490 He very kindly sorted me out with two bottles of this.

  • I have not yet tasted it, though.

  • Am I excited?

  • I don't know.

  • So how is apparently a guy.

  • He's a very I'm not gonna do like in New York accent.

  • Nor needs that.

  • But how is like a very Brooklyn guy?

  • Apparently he liked to drink coffee, so that's put it in salt water.

  • Now, For those of you not from North America, Seltzer water is just his force.

  • Carbonated water.

  • It's it's it's not naturally sparkling.

  • It's been carbonated.

  • And that kind of the deal on, I guess these kind of New York seltzer things are just flavored sparkling water.

  • This, of course, contains no calories.

  • It contains nothing except felted carbonated water, natural flavors and caffeine.

  • So, you know they do just exactly 100 and 74 milligrams. 00:02:0.440 --> 00:02:2.070 Why not a nice around the number? 00:02:2.210 --> 00:02:3.030 I have no idea. 00:02:3.130 --> 00:02:3.940 I have no idea. 00:02:4.260 --> 00:02:6.990 That's probably gonna be a theme of this whole tasting. 00:02:7.050 --> 00:02:9.320 So how's New York seltzer water?

  • It's a good fit is what makes me happy.

  • The initial smell.

  • Oh, yeah, if you assume there is something wrong with me, I'm not sure I can argue with you at this point.

  • So this smells a lot like the Asahi play a lot like a really sweet like very artificial smell to it.

  • I've never had a cup of coffee that smelled this way.

  • Oh, here we go.

  • Here we go.

  • Uh huh.

  • It's not right. 00:02:51.810 --> 00:03:3.420 Oh oh, So if you've had these artificially flavored Celta's soft drink things before that are just like the world's most disappointing soda. 00:03:3.480 --> 00:03:7.830 It's kind of very water in no texture, no sweetness, no acid. 00:03:8.160 --> 00:03:13.780 This does have sweetness, but it's very fake sweetness and the coffee flavor it's not.

  • It's not good.

  • It's one saving grace on by saving Grace.

  • I'm not sure I really mean saving grace.

  • It's one borderline redeeming feature is that the coffee flavor is not very strong.

  • It is.

  • Uh, I mean, it just comes and gets you like this horrible, weird, sweet, awful finish.

  • But it is.

  • It is significantly less less awful than the other things I've tasted only because it's not a strong. 00:03:49.440 --> 00:04:8.370 I'm not saying I'm gonna finish this, you know, it's got a vague suggestion of ashtray about it, But then also just this really gross, sweet, cheap caramel, cheap vanilla, cheap coffee flavor. 00:04:9.850 --> 00:04:20.290 I'm hoping that how if you're watching, how sorry, I'm sort of hoping hell does not make this a permanent in addition to his lineup because it is not.

  • It is not good.

  • There is nothing apart from the caffeine.

  • Just once again, you can buy caffeine in pill form, right?

  • So?

  • So I don't need a beverage with caffeine in it.

  • That doesn't taste good.

  • You know, caffeine is not an excuse to drink a terrible, terrible leverage like this.

  • I'm not.

  • I'm not drinking anymore than this because I mean why, but it's got a good fizz.

  • How so?

  • So, Okay.

  • In the power rankings of terrible nous at the top, comfortably is still play a coffee.

  • That was by far the worst beverage I've tasted in this series. 00:04:57.130 --> 00:05:2.300 Second in line is the Asahi clay, a lot which is not good. 00:05:5.090 --> 00:05:12.690 And then the bottom of the rankings of the most terrible is how's New York seltzer water, which is redeemed by the fact that it doesn't actually have that much flavor.

  • And it is pretty carbonated.

  • This is me drinking clear coffee beverages so you don't have to signing off.

  • Say thanks for watching on our Perhaps See you in one of these in the not too distant future.

Honestly, I don't know how it got to this.


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