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just hours after President Trump said he had had a very good conversation with the leader off the Taliban about the peace deal that was signed last weekend in Cutter to Great Fanfare, which now looks to be in jeopardy.
The U.
S military, announcing it launched air strikes against the Taliban in response to the militant group attacking Afghan government forces in Helmand province.
The attacks by the U.
S today are the first airstrikes since both sides took part in an agreement to reduce violence in Afghanistan that paved the way for the historic deal last week.
Within a tweet, this spokesman for US forces in Afghanistan confirmed the air strikes, describing it as a defensive strike to disrupt Taliban attacks.
He added.
We are committed to peace.
However, we have the responsibility to defend our Afghan National Security Forces partners, warning the Taliban appeared intent on squandering this opportunity and ignoring the will of the people for peace Will.
That peace agreement signed by the U.
And the Taliban covered a number of packs, including the withdrawal of around 1/3 of U.
S forces in Afghanistan, in exchange for the Taliban giving security guarantees preventing groups like Al Qaeda from operating in their area.
For their part, the Taliban expected the release of thousands of prisoners, But the government says the deal only referred to discussing the release of prisoners on both sides.
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US forces launch airstrike on Taliban days after agreement

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