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Just amazing to watch it happen. It's just like, you know, when a superhero puts on a cape, it happens, as if a transformation there.
I still remember our first date, March 17th 1986 and we've been together since.
He asked me what makes me laugh. He isn't afraid to be himself, just put himself out there.
So after Linda was diagnosed, that's when I went into self-therapy mode. I grabbed the tutu, and went out and we started making pictures.
That's what I do when things are getting hard, I start making photographs.
just makes me laugh to see my husband dancing around in Tutu. It helps me be positive.
The more I laugh, the better I feel.
As a photographer, to get a reaction is what it's all about. You know to make people think.
"What's up with the get-up?"
"It helped women during their treatment."
"It's a great idea, well, I mean I like it."
When Linda would go for treatment, she would take the images on her phone and the women would look at them and it would make them laugh and make the time pass.
Women really like the fact that he's standing out, that he's standing by me, and they appreciate that because they'd say well my husband wouldn't do that for me.
I knew that it had to go further, and I knew I had to keep making photographs, and they really started to mean something to me.
"You are going into a really big field."
"Oh my God! That wave is amazing!"
Bob is dealing with emotions, and of being and supporting someone who is going through this horrific disease,and it's not just the laughter and making people laugh at these images. It's really sharing and reaching the people in the community.
We launched the website. It was picked up by a couple of newspapers and that's when it started going viral.
It's exploded within hours.
Who would have thought that the pink tutu would connect to so many people?
I don't think this project would have grown without people sharing.
It is about keeping everything light and not so serious.
My focus is about real life, and moving forward in life, and he helps me do that.
This all sucks, you know, and it's stupid that it's happening. There is no reason for us to suffer through it like this. I'm here to make people happy.
"Good luck!"
"Your pictures are amazing!"
It's just a good story about love, about inspiration.



【感動】愛する妻のため。乳がん患者を支援するため「チュチュ・プロジェクト」 (The Tutu Project's Story Told in Germany by Deutsche Telekom (Long Version))

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