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  • why do we wear green on st. Patrick's Day

  • hey guys it's me again Douglas and

  • today I wanted to talk to you guys about a holiday that is celebrated all around

  • the world it's called st. Patrick's Day and on st. Patrick's Day you know people

  • wear green and they're celebrating Ireland and they you know like they eat

  • corned beef and cabbage and it's like this big big deal and you know I like

  • st. Patrick's Day because well I'm already green but I was wondering you

  • know what is st. Patrick's Day actually you know who even is st. Patrick he's

  • not a leprechaun so I decided to look it up I wanted to know who st. Patrick was

  • it turns out st. Patrick was a missionary who lived like 1500 years ago

  • like in the fifth century AD and here's kind of like a really brief synopsis of

  • his life see he started in a Christian family but he wasn't a Christian himself

  • it's just his family was Christian and he got kidnapped by pirates

  • like for real he got kidnapped by pirates and he got taken to Ireland and

  • sold as a slave and so he lived in Ireland as a slave for several years and

  • while he was there you know he remembered the stories that he heard of

  • Jesus and he became a Christian and at some point he found an opportunity to

  • escape so he ran away and he went back to his home you know he left Ireland you

  • know if it was me I would have been like oh I'm so glad to be away from Ireland

  • where I was a slave I'm never ever ever going back and if I do go back it's

  • gonna be like with an army to get revenge but no he went back home and he

  • you know stayed there for a little while but he got the support of the church and

  • he went back to Ireland to work as a missionary to tell people about Jesus

  • and it said that he used a three leaf clover to explain the Trinity to the

  • Irish people you know the the Trinity the Father Son Holy Spirit the One True

  • God three in one and that's one of the reasons why we see three leaf clovers

  • all over the place on st. Patrick's Day sometimes we call that three leaf clover

  • a shamrock and you know Ireland is awesome and a big part of st. Patrick's

  • Day is you know celebrating Ireland in the Irish people I totally think we

  • should celebrate Ireland because Jesus loves Ireland and Jesus loves you

  • wherever you are and you know the green I think is is just you know they call it

  • the Emerald Isle Ireland's called the Emerald Isle and

  • Emerald is a green color so that's probably why we work

  • Jesus loves Ireland Jesus loved Ireland so much that he sent Saint Patrick to

  • them to tell them the good news but yeah he went back to Ireland and he

  • told people about Jesus and I read that he started more than 300 churches and

  • baptized more than a hundred thousand people that's crazy

  • and these were the people that enslaved him and there's all kinds of other

  • interesting things that he's credited as doing you know some cool miraculous

  • things but for me the fact that he went back to the people who enslaved him and

  • he told them about Jesus he told them what was most important for them to hear

  • even though they were mean to him man that's something to celebrate that's

  • something to strive for Saint Patrick told the people who were mean to him the

  • good news of Jesus Christ and God used him to save so so so many people so my

  • challenge to you guys today is that you would remember what is really important

  • this st. Patrick's Day and that you would share the good news of Jesus Christ with

  • everyone even people who are mean to you just like st. Patrick did

  • hey guys I hope you liked this video and hey happy st. Patrick's Day yeah st. Patrick's Day

  • you know we're celebrating Saint Patrick and Ireland and the Irish people and

  • that's really cool and I want to hear from you guys

  • I want to hear where you are from because I know there are people who

  • watch my videos all over the world and that is so cool

  • I think it's so cool that we're all a part of the same body of Christ all over

  • the world doesn't matter if you're Irish or Japanese or Australian or or you're

  • from you know Uganda or you're from Israel or Honduras you know all over the

  • world we're all part of the same body of Christ and God loves all of us so I want

  • to hear in the comments where are you watching this video from

why do we wear green on st. Patrick's Day


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