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  • That spooky time of year is coming to a close.

  • Soon the tree will be up with all the wrapping and Bo's.

  • Enjoy this Halloween.

  • Mash up the sights and sounds from Disney World and Disneyland or where they can be found.

  • Happy Halloween, you foolish mortals, you know? 00:00:48.520 --> 00:01:8.150 Wait, wait.

  • I'm doing nothing much to do.

  • I might just took a special batch.

  • Roller holding.

  • This is so wait, Wait.

  • Night way. 00:04:7.620 --> 00:04:10.660 High stakes.

  • Wait, wait here. 00:07:4.450 --> 00:07:21.350 Wait, wait.

  • If you have any videos from the Disney parks that you'd like to share with us to be used in future videos, follow the link in the description below.

We also have Instagram and Twitter.


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ディズニー・ハロウィーン・マッシュアップ!- ディズニーワールド&ディズニーランド (Disney Halloween Mashup! - Disney World & Disneyland)

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