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  • What happened last night was to the U.

  • S.

  • Dollar went up a bit.

  • And just as a follow up to the unemployment rate, which has improved from 5.2 to 5.1% here's a child of jobless rates in Australia, the U.

  • S.

  • U K and New Zealand.

  • Just eight years ago, we were the lowest at 5%.

  • Now we're the highest at 5% while the others are clustered around about four now.

  • Financial markets have dominated at the minute by chatter about the Wu Han Corona virus and a lot of chatter flying about comparing the current situation with size in 2003 and most of them show a small decline around April that year in Asian GDP and share market indexes, followed by quick recoveries. 00:00:57.140 --> 00:01:0.570 But I thought this is the one that was most relevant to Australia. 00:01:0.980 --> 00:01:10.250 There was a sharp drop in tourist arrivals in 2003 which took a few months to recover from and which will luckily be accessible to this year by the Bush fires.

  • Global share markets were subdued today and the local market was also subdued.

  • Among the best performers will see yourself, which possesses a flu vaccine, although there's no suggestion yet that it works on the Wu Han virus, CSL is just on an absolute tear it home it up more than 13% since January.

  • The first, also I A.

  • D, was sold down because of the House stones the other day.

  • It's a pretty big fall in the final price today.

  • Well, base metals and oil also fell.

  • Golden Cole went up, and that's finance.

  • Thanks for watching.

  • You can check out more finance news by clicking there and don't forget to click.

What happened last night was to the U.


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失業者数は豪ドルを押し上げるには至らず|ファイナンス・レポート (Unemployment figures fail to fire up Australian dollar | Finance Report)

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