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  • The dark forces of Amazon should own them both.

  • Why is Emma's excuse me wise?

  • Wal Mart down 2% on what was a good earnings?

  • Of course, because the market is a heavy market on the tape is heavy on every name of the point is the numbers were strong, but more importantly, the forecast was even stronger.

  • It's a name that you can own, and I think you'll be up by the end of the year.

  • That's my opinion.

  • I own this name.

  • Okay.

  • Farmer Jim Royal Dutch Shell.

  • It has almost a 6% dividend yield.

  • I think it's too early to make a call on the price of oil, but this is a safe way to make some money while you're waiting for oil to recover.

  • All right.

  • Josh Brown, J.

  • P.

  • Morgan has bounced off.

  • Supported 102103 twice.

  • Now, this year, I think that your downside was gonna be a buyer right here.

  • Good enough for buffet.

The dark forces of Amazon should own them both.


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A2 初級

最終売買。ウォルマート、ロイヤル・ダッチ・シェル、JPMorgan (Final Trades: Walmart, Royal Dutch Shell & JPMorgan)

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