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  • Since the last time I am in, I have moved into a new planner.

  • This is my 85 Kiki K player.

  • This is one of the very first planners that I tried, and I'm going back to it for the month.

  • It's of November and December.

  • Always like to experiment with my planner for these months just to see what I will be using for the New Year, and I've already set her up.

  • I did a separate video on on the set up.

  • Let me show you the insert.

  • This is the insert I will be using.

  • I'm not sure how if you can see it, but has Monday through Friday on this side and then Saturday and Sunday on this side with a list box because I like to make to do list is one of my issues with inserts are No. 00:00:59.250 --> 00:01:6.370 I need to earn your spot for to do list and let me just show you like some of my old stuff in this planner. 00:01:6.380 --> 00:01:17.270 Like I said, this is one of the very first planners that I tried, and I actually think there's a process video for this.

  • This looks like December, maybe 2016 but there's a process video for this on my channel.

  • If you want some inspiration for this size for the stay five size and this insert shit work in any 85 planner, and it also works in those target many binders.

  • But yeah, this is no kind of.

  • When I first started planning, you see it's Maur writing than decoration.

  • I slowly went overboard, and I also like toe place the like to experiment with Leo.

  • It's a lot like making, and I like making inserts.

  • Oh, and this was one of my favorite ones. 00:01:59.160 --> 00:02:1.050 I'm not sure if you can see that. 00:02:4.390 --> 00:02:7.410 Oh, this was also one of my favorites. 00:02:7.410 --> 00:02:9.210 It was so pretty and I didn't.

  • I ended up not writing much on because it was too pretty.

  • I think I had sticky notes everywhere this week, and there's also a process video for this one, just looking like my older, like my older plan with me, but deals hello And these were If you've been following me for a while, you remember these dividers.

  • These were the dividers that invade for this plan.

  • I was selling these in my shop.

  • They have, like, a little like a gold for you on him.

  • All right, so let's get to the lay out.

  • Oh, and this you can get this insert.

  • I'll leave the link in the description box. 00:02:58.490 --> 00:03:1.430 This is a free insert that you can get on my website. 00:03:1.680 --> 00:03:5.050 And there there are few inserts, but this one will see a buy.

  • Let me show you what I will be using.

  • Oh, and this is why I have been so busy lately I haven't had a chance.

  • The fume about playing with me, Why I've been using the, um I have been decorated my plan.

  • I've been using the micro planner, but, you know, I release the sticker book last month, and since then I made I made some updates to it like the, um me show you my print.

  • I got like, I have a whole new printing setup and the printer was doing something funny like things look fine on my screen when I printed.

  • I may have to get closer, but like some of the dolls that were in the book.

  • Yes, I was to me. 00:03:57.190 --> 00:04:9.930 It had the look like when you wear foundation and it oxidizes like I wasn't seeing it, you know, Right when I printed it, but I didn't notice it till I tried to take a picture of it.

  • And I thought it was in my camera at first end.

  • Like this is the older one.

  • And this is like the update it one.

  • So the latest books like that'll be That'll be updated in there.

  • And I also not sure if you could see it.

  • I don't want to take it off the place.

  • I've changed the like.

  • The binding of the thing.

  • The first ones there were bound, kind of like a no pants.

  • So the new ones, they have, like a thermal binding like the pages shouldn the pages shouldn't come out is easily they should.

  • They'll still come out, but just, you know, not as easily.

  • So I have rambled enough.

  • Let's decorate my insert.

  • Let me show you what I will be using.

  • So I'll be using. 00:04:59.670 --> 00:05:1.050 I'll be using this sticker book. 00:05:1.540 --> 00:05:5.020 I'll probably use this for the rest of I know. 00:05:5.100 --> 00:05:8.500 For the rest of this month, I'll be using this sticker book. 00:05:8.630 --> 00:05:13.220 And also my little Walmart stick of Look, I'm trying to make a dent in this.

  • I want I really want to get rid of.

  • These says that my Wal Mart sticker book and my three little carpet diem.

  • My men there many sticker books I really want to let me see.

  • You can You can see I've made a good get in it.

  • Why not?

  • So, yeah, this one.

  • I've made a good deal in it, but I really want to push through and use up all of my stash.

  • And then my plan is for maybe the Christmas are the new year.

  • I'm gonna buy myself, like, all all new stickers.

  • So if I can, if I could If I could get through a lot of this stuff because I still have more stuff on my car, I just don't pull too much out when I'm planning. 00:05:57.550 --> 00:06:0.940 So I will be buying some new stickers, like towards the end of the year. 00:06:0.950 --> 00:06:3.780 And if you have any suggestions? 00:06:4.930 --> 00:06:5.360 Awesome. 00:06:5.360 --> 00:06:5.590 Good. 00:06:6.120 --> 00:06:8.450 You know, planner stickers let me know. 00:06:9.290 --> 00:06:11.050 Okay, Now I will get started.

Since the last time I am in, I have moved into a new planner.


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