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  • So it's out NASDAQ, which I cemented a hell of a lot smaller.

  • What's the significance of this?

  • Yeah, this time that's a perfect way to look at it.

  • It's a heck of a lot smaller, and it's significant from several parts in terms of how you look at it, it's going to be a bumpy ride to sort of start off.

  • And I think that needs to be what most people look at this from.

  • You need to go in eyes wide open.

  • It is dominated by what we referred to in our world is the whack stock.

  • So that's wise.

  • Take out him after paying all of you.

  • I'm sure that they know that is happened and also zero.

  • You then have other players in there as well, like Ari, a group like something like ourselves, et cetera.

  • The way and look it a longer term is that it is exciting, and the reason I say that is that If you look at something like biomedical and bio sort of technology stocks, they are screaming out places to find funding, and most them end up in the U.

  • S.

  • And the only issue with the U. 00:00:57.300 --> 00:01:1.050 S for them is that the cost of doing their kind of business over in the U. 00:01:1.050 --> 00:01:3.850 S is about 10 times more expensive than it is here in Australia. 00:01:4.390 --> 00:01:5.590 And that is what they see. 00:01:5.590 --> 00:01:7.420 This as an exciting sort of spot to bay. 00:01:7.420 --> 00:01:10.860 Why the listing could be very interesting over the next several decades.

  • Because it will go over that period, they will make it work.

  • Whether or not it has a bumpy birth or not, It is a way of actually providing a new place in the world for funding.

  • It also provides a straight investors with something new and exciting.

  • But it could actually be quite an attraction for those firms that do you want to find a cheaper place to do hired manufacturing, which is particularly things like biomedical.

  • And that's also what is clearly aimed at.

  • And Evan Reeves saying the Aussie dollar has just been performing, incredibly, pulling 11 year lives.

  • Yeah, it is, and it's not slowing down.

  • And that's the interesting thing around all this.

  • The sword drop 0.9 of 1% in the last 24 hours.

  • And considering that we're already we're at 11 year low, that's, Ah, significant movement.

  • And it's on the back of the idea. 00:01:54.540 --> 00:02:0.150 Now that the RV is clearly in play yesterday's employment numbers, it depends on who you ask on how you look at them. 00:02:0.390 --> 00:02:4.180 Worry that sort of Neil some game or getting slightly worse. 00:02:4.440 --> 00:02:14.140 The interesting thing really to take out of is that full time workers are actually working ever so slightly less part time workers are working Maur, and therefore we're not seeing any wage growth at all.

  • But overall, the ways sort of growth scenario falls into the biggest problem, which is that for every one person employed, about 1.2 people come back into the market.

  • And that's where this unemployment rate teacup is happening.

  • 5.3% means the RV is likely to cut rates.

  • It's gonna put even more pressure downward on that overall scenario of why the odds he's going the way it is there is growing signs that it could go to actually the last we've seen since way back in 2000 of around about 60 cents by December, it keeps out with the current set of transact rate's going.

  • So you're talking what lower than jfc lows?

  • That it plummeted even though the economy is not doing any of those things and you can look at the housing market in the Essex is hitting record highs. 00:02:58.120 --> 00:03:0.300 Distance the doors don't dollars plummeting. 00:03:0.300 --> 00:03:3.850 So much lower is just around the jobs and out of the eyes is just such a big guy. 00:03:3.860 --> 00:03:9.240 It's a whole right yet there's a whole range of things, Tom and look, the J C slightly different in terms of wire. 00:03:9.240 --> 00:03:15.340 Say that is that during the JFC, we as a nation was supported by China and the fact that the mining boom was still happening.

  • Yes, they experience that.

  • We didn't slow down the other thing that you will look at with effects.

  • There are so many things that play into it and right so things like fixed interest rates, particularly sovereign bond rights.

  • What happened trying not to get too deep into it, you're gonna want to look at it from the point of view that when we talk about theology dollar, there's two sides to it.

  • So it's the Ozzy to the U.

  • S.

  • Dollar on.

  • That's what you want.

  • I also remember the U.

  • S economy is actually stronger than ours.

  • The other thing is, is that their 10 year bond is higher than out in terms of the right that you're getting from it.

  • And when you see the differential that we have between the Australian 10 year on the US 10 year, the last time it was his negative it was, was back in 1981. 00:03:54.770 --> 00:04:1.490 So we're going all the way back then in 121 by six points, or 1.1% is what it got differential in that space. 00:04:1.490 --> 00:04:4.390 It's currently sitting there about 70 minus 70 basis points. 00:04:4.780 --> 00:04:7.110 That alone should actually see outflows. 00:04:7.120 --> 00:04:9.330 Therefore, people have to sell Aussie dollars by U. 00:04:9.330 --> 00:04:9.480 S. 00:04:9.480 --> 00:04:11.780 Dollars, and that's what's forcing the currency down.

  • And that's gonna continue because our bank is cutting rates.

  • Their central bank or what they did cut rates is likely the whole right to the rest of the year.

So it's out NASDAQ, which I cemented a hell of a lot smaller.


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