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  • What?

  • Massey don't stocks plunge the dunk party, pal, if I'm here sad about something Imagination, I think it's a bunch of people people.

  • You gonna come on priestly family?

  • Oh, let's keep the I'm not noticed too.

  • She woman says a commoner shall make me then one concept.

  • She reported that clear, Mayor usually people.

  • Houston, Russia.

  • Woman.

  • That's a looser key if we don't. 00:02:1.430 --> 00:02:2.720 What is it? 00:02:7.510 --> 00:02:11.490 Don't shut up.

  • That dead Porterson attacked a patient A part at the end of the morning.

  • Maybe No sound.

  • So yeah, the Lucia.

  • I don't want to I don't have to come up.

  • You join me for a tragic morning, More family feel So your money, Mrs the most support Don't Let's try on the girl If you want to do those that trump rally a demon the same vessel of hostile Asian people do.

  • That very thing comes up.

  • Yeah, So what? 00:04:2.640 --> 00:04:30.790 We'll make you you quick if you say so.

  • Really? 00:04:41.860 --> 00:05:1.280 So far the soc You know what I think? 00:05:3.900 --> 00:05:8.450 What up car from again?

  • Sorry just comes permit.

  • And when people see comes up, we'll see. 00:05:54.800 --> 00:06:1.970 Bye turn that down, Warlock. 00:06:4.270 --> 00:06:4.700 Really? 00:06:4.700 --> 00:06:16.160 So that comes our way, people.

  • Morning.

  • You know, you know this He wants delusional C I a leisure.

  • Yeah, I found it would comes.

  • Brought comes coma, right?

  • Please.

  • Well, what, Doc?

  • Vulnerable.

  • Go on. 00:08:0.310 --> 00:08:4.110 It's evolved into, Comes up United people. 00:08:4.840 --> 00:08:5.150 All right?

  • Yeah.

  • Okay.

  • A new nation reversible, don't you?

  • Really?

  • So, what was that? 00:09:6.740 --> 00:09:25.650 No way.

  • Yeah.

  • Wait.

  • No.

  • No way. 00:10:54.880 --> 00:11:2.890 So eventually do that on a bed on the fresh one was on a Gary ever since. 00:11:3.170 --> 00:11:15.170 You know, some liquid y you're better off doing Happy woman's days while you're there was a queen for Kabul activity.

  • D'oh!



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