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  • (piano plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and goes off key)

  • (whistling)

  • -Hey. -Hey.

  • You want to, uh, help me make the bed?

  • Um...I'm just playing with these toys right now.

  • Sure. Sure.

  • Can I help you do that?

  • Yeah.

  • Can you teach me?

  • Yeah. Of course. I love teaching you things.

  • Okay, well this has to come off.

  • Um...can I have a pillow?

  • Uh, yeah. Actually, that's helpful.

  • Can you hold that pillow for me?

  • Next, you want to straighten the--

  • Coco?

  • Yeah.

  • Where's that pillow?

  • Um...I think I just left it over there.

  • Cool. You want to go get it?

  • No.

  • Yeah. Yeah.

  • Okay, well then, uh...we got to put this back on.

  • Right.

  • So it goes just like this.

  • -What are you doing? -I'm hiding here. In this fort.

  • It's scary out there.

  • No, it's not scary.

  • Just come in here real quick.

  • (dad) No, I have to make the bed.

  • -I can't make the bed if you-- -Quick! Just come in here real quick.

  • -I really need you to get out-- -Hurry! Quick!

  • -So that we can make the bed-- -Hurry! Quick!

  • -I can't make the bed-- -Just for a second of underneath!

  • Fine. One second of underneath.

  • This is cozy.

  • Yeah.

  • Have you seen my princess purse?

  • No.

  • (little "girl") Huh. Well I just think I need to get it.

  • No, no, no. That needs to stay on the bed.

  • But I need to find my princess purse.

  • I understand that, but this lives on the bed.

  • But this is my pretty dress for the ball, so I can stay warm and look so pretty.

  • Okay--

  • Can you say, "Where's your princess purse?"

  • -Where's your princess purse? -No. You need to make the voice.

  • What voice?

  • No. You need to say it in a King's voice.

  • -Where's your princess purse? -I don't know.

  • Say..., "I think it's in there."

  • -I think it's in there. -Oh! Of course.

  • Great.

  • Now let's finish making the bed.

  • No. Now you need to take me to the ball.

  • You need to help me make the bed.

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(piano plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and goes off key)


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2歳児とのコンボ - "Make the Bed" - EPISODE 2 - シーズン2 (Convos With My 2-Year-Old - "Make the Bed" - EPISODE 2 - Season 2)

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