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  • He I've I've done now two weeks of interviews where Daniel and I were paired.

  • So I know his entire life story.

  • Or as much as he's willing to tell you it was Shelby Foote.

  • He obviously it's written in the script, and I actually looked it up for Daniel.

  • During an interview.

  • It says that he speaks with the gentle ist Southern lilt you have ever heard in your life.

  • That's it.

  • It's just Scripture in the script, it says.

  • Ben Wa Blanc, you know, describes his clothing.

  • Who speaks with the gentle ist Southern lilt you've ever heard in your entire life.

  • And so he chose Shelby Foote, who has that delicious sort of melodic like the Mississippi River voice. 00:00:55.550 --> 00:01:4.110 And so he is so fabulous, so funny, and this is gonna sound. 00:01:4.110 --> 00:01:8.100 It's honestly one of the last interviews I'm doing for the movie, so I'm just gonna go for it. 00:01:8.320 --> 00:01:12.360 He's released from the bond of bond in this movie.

  • He is released.

  • There is no bond.

  • He is this fantastic actor getting to take this new character into the world, and he did so with complete the spirit.

  • From the moment it began, there wasn't one second of him coming in with any anxiety.

  • Hey, may have had it privately, but the guy who showed up delivered right away big monologues and you could see was having the time of his life.

  • Do you think that Daniel Craig would be more successful if he was handsome?

  • I know, I know.

  • You know what?

  • Here's what I will say. 00:01:52.990 --> 00:02:1.720 You know, I've been an actress a long time, as you all know, and you know, there was a life for him before Bond. 00:02:2.070 --> 00:02:8.650 There was a reason he was chosen to be bummed, which is this body of work that he had done leading up to it. 00:02:9.480 --> 00:02:12.330 And there'll be a body of work for him afterwards.

  • It's the beauty of these sort of big, monumental performances that become sort of iconography in the world.

  • Bon Well, you know, it becomes bigger than anything, but the truth is, he was a a really wonderful actor.

  • You got chosen to be Bond, and he'll be a really wonderful actor after Bond.

  • And this is the perfect movie, really, too.

  • Even though I know he has a bond movie coming out, this will be the perfect way to introduce himself back into the world, saying, yeah.

He I've I've done now two weeks of interviews where Daniel and I were paired.


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ジェイミー・リー・カーティス、ダニエル・クレイグの「ボンド」からの解放について (Jamie Lee Curtis on Daniel Craig's Release From 'Bond')

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