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High tower.
Ted Hillary and Tom Rucker, the officials between the three of them.
They've worked 16 Final Fours scores.
Seconds in Leeds.
Goes against Michigan.
Miller way.
Relate to this catch like that.
Makes it a little time.
Two minutes.
Still has not scored.
Miss taken in by wars.
Get stand quickly.
Should take advantage. 00:00:58.390 --> 00:01:0.160 Transfer from BYU. 00:01:0.760 --> 00:01:11.660 Loathe effect there.
We'll see a lot of back screens getting the big guy to the box.
Bye to Kentucky with impressive one.
Sean had an impressive weekend down to the Georgia Dome.
Austin nailed baseline jumper.
The senior from Richmond, Indiana.
Makes it 7 to 3, and he's great at using bumps.
So his bullet, usually the shooting guard, understands how to get free.
Wait, take a trailer bastions Intothe took a shot.
There is he played outside Dave.
That entry really got caught on a difficult side here, you see.
Tried 3/4.
Once there, he took a roll shot style.
He's had a tough couple of days with the flu, battling happy.
That was just a clean play, though.
You know what makes this club tough?
Here's trailer.
Generally in the game, he gets a lot of attention down the block.
Now they get up on the shooters and make it very tough.
I got a surprise. 00:02:40.050 --> 00:03:7.850 Too long Trailer, Not for rent Fast, long wingspan is here with a bucket and now has 4.69 Cardinal Miller. 00:03:9.160 --> 00:03:10.230 Another open three.
Another one that wouldn't go for Austin.
I came up with the offensive rebound.
That's an area you make them.
Miss the jumper you gotta seal on.
Rebound Mayfield ball down a bullet from Michigan with fails to take the lead for the first time.
Wayto shots going back that thrown into the lane.
Taylor trying to get through the double team split for the first time.
The first bucket by Robert Traylor.
Gregory Hines has nothing on him.
Fast feet. 00:03:43.670 --> 00:04:0.210 Gene Kelly for your ear, obviously, but he can get through tiny places with Miller from the foul line from behind By Conlan, Michigan season. 00:04:0.210 --> 00:04:7.660 Dean Katie became the winningest approaching do history with three point try Cardinal the rebound. 00:04:8.550 --> 00:04:11.300 Double screen minute touches.
That's generally what happens.
Your Russian junior from Fort Wayne.
Jarod Ward with great hustle.
Got that basketball back for Michigan.
They pull it together.
Principles get back in because of the attention to elevate.
That's what makes Trailer so unselfish.
14 8 minutes played screening season, helping avoid John Cornell, still sitting out with a sprained ankle trailer involved down there.
The way to the bucket by Robinson reaching flythe.
Slower basketball.
There is a guard.
You gotta find somebody.
Good teams have to turn over the pass.
And then it struck.
A new player went out of bounds.
You noticed.
Great balance.
Gamble by Rita's Got support. 00:06:3.810 --> 00:06:6.460 Surprised for a moment, but he was able to catch it. 00:06:6.470 --> 00:06:8.220 Lay it in to get the lead again. 00:06:9.550 --> 00:06:13.520 Do the center way down there.
0.5 today.
Get position.
Look inside. 00:06:50.540 --> 00:07:2.750 Found on the rest of Michigan trailer still walking down the lane. 00:07:2.950 --> 00:07:4.860 Sean never got back. 00:07:6.300 --> 00:07:6.840 Rebounded. 00:07:6.900 --> 00:07:10.610 Foul on bullet was produced by four minutes left.
Piece of adjustment.
Have time to think Small change.
Another arrest with six bottles of intravenous feeding said that's amazing.
Body flew all weekend. 00:07:58.710 --> 00:08:0.390 Robert Traylor frustrated. 00:08:0.830 --> 00:08:5.230 But as you mentioned, remember when I was on the floor? 00:08:5.230 --> 00:08:6.510 But look at this for a big guy. 00:08:6.510 --> 00:08:12.110 The field of a point guard and then the little altercation at the end and Robert pushes you.
You may get a front row seat himself down the floor.
You can see the advantage.
I think Michigan can run against this field first.
Ward gets the first free throw to drop.
Andrada has six.
Just a kid, I think McDonald's all American.
It took a long time to prosper, to struggle a little bit early.
His career could make that shot.
That was what was going to happen with words passed through the air.
Well, this way.
He's back on defense, though.
A little trouble getting down earlier.
Nice look here. 00:08:57.550 --> 00:09:5.590 Pretty still. 00:09:5.600 --> 00:09:9.050 Has not scored a noodle eating squirrel for Michigan for the season. 00:09:9.060 --> 00:09:10.030 17 game.
Wait, wait, because you can't get in the floor.
Do 2126 Free throws that game.
Two way run bythe defending Bastard.
I wear size.
Great body control to Z just stopped and then released with smooth double. 00:10:37.350 --> 00:11:2.240 Team Cardinal will try rebounded reversal guard outside and get around. 00:11:2.710 --> 00:11:6.480 Plus a preview of tonight's 60 Minutes interview with Latrell's free. 00:11:6.480 --> 00:11:13.320 Well, that's all coming up on Pennzoil Defense fell asleep.
Jean Katie wants a 22nd time out, feeling like Robinson.
Alan Eldridge inside the Miller.
Robinson's running wouldn't go.
Taylor the rebound and Conlan sneaks out one on one on Eldridge about that kick out by burying was trailing.
Great Rebound turned out good.
Quick release for him, Mr Three.
There's a chance for the old fashioned three.
Robinson put it back up and in, and he was looking.
Miller is working hard to get around. 00:12:3.410 --> 00:12:11.250 Get around Roger.
He's here again today, Travis.
I can't throw anything to him.
We need Robert and he'll catch it.
Had peed on it.
Mayfield on the floor title back in the game.
Do as well dive into the really attracted to double Miller over trailer that t J down.
Pat knows just how far he can make it from game tied at 38.
Great. 00:12:55.420 --> 00:13:6.170 Just inside, Robinson took that up to produce Give it away Bullet. 00:13:7.190 --> 00:13:8.960 Nearly four minutes played the second. 00:13:8.970 --> 00:13:11.640 This is the Big 10 tournament championship game.
Most part weekend.
It's a very well received in Parliament.
There hasn't been such a good idea because tournament, hurt by the Quick December, was effective.
Michigan State's affected negatively Our trailer for sale.
Unbelievable Little kiss jumper first Shaun Grandma loves Michigan, loves it.
All of Detroit loves it. 00:13:54.620 --> 00:14:2.900 Big eyes, that impressive effort gaining his energy, his inability up and down. 00:14:3.240 --> 00:14:5.660 This is a big man taking it. 00:14:5.770 --> 00:14:6.170 Did it? 00:14:8.320 --> 00:14:13.050 Oh, well, they need a little spark that might get a little excitement in the building for them.
6 £300.
Brandon Smith.
Gorgeous Look Unbelievable By Brandon Smith Michigan's lithe Stay out.
You might get a look with Miller playing against them by Miller.
Yes, first Bucket. 00:14:54.380 --> 00:15:1.270 Four Bullets Junior from Temple Hills, Maryland Channel. 00:15:1.270 --> 00:15:34.130 Austin was his second Grows guided by they're alive, down with nine in the first half with Michigan, they trapped box symptoms common.
He's got a live report 24% from behind the line of the 1st 2 games.
Managed to win votes, sets up when he's down and fresh beats down.
Holds the position on Bullock. 00:15:59.710 --> 00:16:0.420 Soft enough. 00:16:0.430 --> 00:16:9.010 I know he's upset, but easy delivery label guy to finish 20 points or more. 00:16:9.020 --> 00:16:10.310 Seven straight games.
Way off.
He's been doing lately on Robinson has 15 points.
Oh, great shot, BJ.
Sing Pretty steady to guess once again.
Trailing I was 18 points.
12 of them here in the second half. 00:16:30.450 --> 00:17:8.180 In seven minutes of action glass booth foul against Michigan is McQuaid came up with three ball Luke Bulletin way trying to smooth Conlan trailer. 00:17:8.200 --> 00:17:17.670 Bullock and Ward arrested Marines by 5 12 15 remaining Nicely.
Traffic didn't want to put it over.
Dr Brian Cardinal.
Top four.
Amazing shot.
Smaller tries.
Another three trailer.
The rebound.
Just a great understanding that had a tip to himself.
Lines open if they use it.
The time of the shot clock. 00:17:55.210 --> 00:18:1.100 20 seconds Short corner booth. 00:18:1.110 --> 00:18:1.880 Acknowledgment. 00:18:3.100 --> 00:18:3.790 12 points. 00:18:3.790 --> 00:18:11.700 Inacio passed in senior from Dallas, just three players and Wolverine history with 12.700 rebounds, 100 block shots.
The other type of Chris Webber Miller under the foul line covered next play by Purdue game.
Katie trying to find ways to defend Robert Traylor on in spurts.
They've done well, and other times.
Trailer has had his way with the 1st 3 of the day for one of the best three point shooters in the nation.
Michigan's all time leader in three point field goals with chairs hadn't been cleared off the floor of the time out of Michigan.
Ben Conlin with bullet read fast in and trailer for Michigan. 00:19:2.510 --> 00:19:3.000 Easy enough.
This is the largest lead for Michigan.
24 down.
11 mentioned earlier struggles with the three point shot.
Tough to rely on that as a weapon to get back in here.
They essentially like it, touches on the block to get the three point shot.
Still met a man friends and got a match up here.
23 back.
Robinson Miller.
It's gonna force him to use a rock.
You, Sean.
A tough shot trailer. 00:19:51.520 --> 00:20:2.070 There's not going to be denied on that rebound bullet taken advantage of with one of those assists made above. 00:20:2.670 --> 00:20:5.030 But when you run the floor, you're rewarding. 00:20:5.510 --> 00:20:9.850 Play Michigan pulling away.
That's a gold mine in the basket.
It even had a trailer.
The goal.
Tend Coulson's guys caps and get some shots.
Get three out of 12 from free.
Balto Austin.
Just a short way.
They're good basketball teammates right now.
Game rebounding, shutting down the inside game of the flailing at the end.
Here, you can see just like luggage. 00:20:58.620 --> 00:21:7.680 He can handle anything reference to a nice job, making sure you've got your masculinity to consider, so you have to go at him. 00:21:7.690 --> 00:21:33.280 But you're hoping that everybody rallies that give a whistle for three in this shot foul called Tom Rucker, and it's on Miller, his second ready to check back in.
Rod Ward, 10 points today on five rebounds.
Maybe found a home with a position where you could take a bigger guy away.
Spot invested with forgets. 00:21:48.120 --> 00:22:5.690 A rotation elope Dick, but they call upon 678 talented players today rebounded with 10 point game of five minutes.
Get back.
Get in single digits for Purdue.
Miller has 21 today with competition.
Suddenness of everything, even the exposure.
Missed it against Michigan.
Trailer Call for his 4% way.
They play 40 minutes overtime they loathe sharpens. 00:22:56.820 --> 00:23:0.560 You normally see a duty it is demanding. 00:23:0.570 --> 00:23:1.410 A few days in a row. 00:23:3.070 --> 00:23:7.080 Award goes to the bench, replaced by bastard who comes back in with four fouls.
Michigan lead is six with 3 40 Remains.
Get up by six bullets.
Bodies fly trailer.
So close.
The reason.
Ms Nobody can determine thanks play by bullet.
Getting to the impressive wins today, teams will have a high seat, undoubtedly very impressive all weekend down in Georgia Dome down points with minutes to go.
Wait, carry that weight with buggers about everybody carries the ball, goes uncalled pass here.
Miller off to read.
Data Way wouldn't go.
That's that body again.
Little body doesn't get much attention. 00:24:38.770 --> 00:25:5.000 Wait, Wait back to eight for Michigan, reflected by Booth Floor. 00:25:5.010 --> 00:25:6.970 That's what they gotta go for. 00:25:6.980 --> 00:25:8.770 Three pointers by Eldridge today. 00:25:9.360 --> 00:25:41.970 Good for shooters on the floor, 90% get way with it himself.
Stepped up largely. 00:26:2.480 --> 00:26:4.420 Floorboards Hold Michael up. 00:26:4.480 --> 00:26:15.810 Next thing you know, with 30 seconds way makes it a seven point game.
They don't even have the interview right now.
Get a good trap going.
Look over the timeline way.
Winning the first ever Big 10 tournament title team right now.
Just approach this trust.
Didn't think about all the speculation.
Way go with Big 10 championship games sponsored by funds.
Michigan 76 produce 67 with playing the game are Robert Taylor, Michigan 24 points and 13 rebounds.
Brad Miller do also had a double double.
They raised a great battle all day.
Miller 23 points and 10 boards.
Chevrolet will donate $1000 to each school general scholarship fund, reward outstanding student for their academic achievements and to assist those in financial need. 00:27:51.580 --> 00:28:3.940 Robert Taylor, from his grandmother raised Jesse, will rejoin Greg Gumbel in our New York studio after a commercial break. 00:28:4.020 --> 00:28:6.390 This has been a presentation of CBS Sports.


Michigan BB: 1998 Big Ten Tournament Championship

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