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  • Willie Nelson, you two were close friends.

  • Are you two stoner buddies?

  • Like, do you get in that really stash?

  • You know, I'm always saying Hide that, Willie, don't take a picture.

  • Yeah, and what am I doing?

  • That's what he does.

  • He have the best open?

  • Well, I would think so.

  • I don't think so.

  • But you know what?

  • He is really a great person.

  • Hired to a great lady.

  • And I was just with his son Lucas Nelson last week.

  • Wow.

  • You and Loretta Lynn have been buddies for a long time.

  • You came and surprised her when she was on.

  • Your show is on.

  • This is so exciting.

  • How is she doing these days?

  • She's doing really good.

  • Uh, you know, she, uh she calls me and we talk all the time.

  • Person.

  • She's my best friend.

  • Dolly.

  • You were featured on Romeo in 93.

  • What's Thio collaborate with her. 00:00:58.540 --> 00:01:1.690 It was so great that she would even ask me to do something. 00:01:1.950 --> 00:01:5.050 But I you know, you want to collaborate on Dolly with anything. 00:01:5.060 --> 00:01:6.750 I mean, I've got a lot of ideas for her. 00:01:7.020 --> 00:01:11.100 The judge you performed at the same Super Bowl in 94.

  • How nutty or the judge?

  • In real life?

  • Complicated, complex, complicated.

  • There's a lot going on there, but some great vocal timber.

  • And there's no other sound like the two of them together.

  • Johnny Cash.

  • What was your fondest memory or interaction with Johnny Cash?

  • Well, I think the first Farm aid, um, I heard you.

  • And, you know, everybody is a star there.

  • Yeah, there's a star.

  • And I looked acid.

  • Merle Haggard son said, I think Johnny Cash wants to talk to you.

  • And I looked around and there he was, and it was like, the parting of the Red Sea, you know?

  • We walked toward me.

  • Yeah, and then I pitched him a song, You know, You did?

  • Yeah.

  • What did he say?

  • It was going well, he said, sing a little bit of it to me, and I didn't think you'd say that, but it was because it was just an idea, but I did. 00:01:56.740 --> 00:02:0.040 I said, That's what makes a man in black still singing the blues. 00:02:0.220 --> 00:02:1.530 I loved it. 00:02:1.530 --> 00:02:4.040 He wanted it when they I got back to Nashville. 00:02:4.040 --> 00:02:5.670 Rode home with Neil Young on his bus. 00:02:6.650 --> 00:02:7.960 My dad, I don't know. 00:02:7.970 --> 00:02:9.050 But I got back to Nashville. 00:02:9.050 --> 00:02:9.500 The next day. 00:02:9.500 --> 00:02:14.920 I got a call from Marty Stuart and Johnny wants you almost took that song, and it's just on idea.

  • Well, he did he finally eat.

  • It was an idea.

  • And Billy Joe Shaver went down to Tucson and finished.

  • That's the best way to get somebody like Johnny Cash.

  • To cut one of your songs is to have him finish it.

  • I did, Thank you very much, you, Tucker.

Willie Nelson, you two were close friends.


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