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What is good, Carter people and welcome back to the Channel.
Today's video.
We got a possible surprise that I think we've all been wanting to hear for like, two years now little receiver might be dropping eternal take tonight.
Let's talk about it.
Okay, so the commotion all started about two hours ago when Lulu's Evert changed his profile picture on Instagram and posted four mysterious pictures.
We come to find out that the profile picture is most likely the eternal take cover art or a teaser art at the least to promote the album, considering that the original eternal take cover art was seasoned, assisted by the Heaven's Gate cult on copyright infringement that the entire theme was centered around.
But no matter, I'd say this cover art does E.
A justice because it's still portrays the general outline of the Heaven's Gate cult history in that they participated in a mass suicide in hope that their souls would be carried by a UFO toe, another level of existence above human led by two people.
But in Susie's case, he's taking all of his fans to hell or another level of existence as seen in the cover art where he is on top of that rock, first to board the UFO while we all follow him.
Who's he posted four pictures of young women, maybe like 18 to 25 years old, all in purple blouses or robes that fans have figured out are supposed to represent the very same garments that covered the dead bodies in the Heaven's Gate mass suicide in March of 1997.
Uzi responded to this theory on Twitter with a hand over the mouth emoji, which likely confirms the theory.
A lot of this is just, you know, fans getting rowdy about eternal take because Susie doesn't normally post a lot.
But I say all this in speculation that lose.
Evert might be dropping his long awaited album, Eternal Take Tonight at Midnight, supported by an overwhelming amount of fans, all seeming to agree that this is true due to his tendency of not really participating in a traditional album rollout.
This is kind of what he does before all of this project releases.
I mean, he doesn't even need it because he has such a colt like fan base.
He would honestly be wasting money going interviews and whatnot, trying to promote his album rather than letting the music speak for itself and people sharing it organically Before we go, everyone make sure not to get your hopes up, because there is also a possibility it does not drop tonight.
But if it doesn't, I have a theory of when it actually will be, and it's still very soon.
So don't get too down.
Why would he be doing all this random shit if nothing's coming any time soon?
So look out for future videos to get updated on eternal Take a CZ well, as every other hot rapper in the game Drop E and the comments.
If you ready, make sure like and subscribe while you're at it.
Peace, our kind of people, no sand.



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