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  • I'm about to make a trifle.

    トライフルを作りましょう。 ブレイブルーク卿のお気に入りです。

  • A favourite of Lord Braybrooke.


  • The secret to a good trifle


  • is to make it look fabulous


  • and not to skimp on the alcohol.

    スポンジビスケット 100g

  • For this recipe, you will need:

    ブランディー 50ml

  • Leftover sponge cake.

    ジャム ティーカップ1ざっくり

  • Sponge biscuits.

    シェリー酒 125ml

  • Brandy.

    生姜の砂糖づけ 100g

  • Jam.

    カスタード 500ml

  • Sherry.

    アーモンド粉 100g

  • Crystalized ginger.

    ホイップクリーム 約600ml

  • Custard.

    グラニュー糖 スプーン1杯

  • Almonds.

    飾りつけ用:アーモンド アンジェリカ 食用花

  • Whipping cream.


  • Caster sugar.


  • And for the decoration,


  • almonds,

    丸いグラス容器に、スポンジケーキを敷き詰めて  ブランディーを注ぎます。

  • angelica,

    ジャムを塗ります。お好みのジャムでどうそ。 家政婦のワーウィック嬢のお気に入り。

  • and edible flowers.

    去年作ったいちごジャム。 おいしいの。

  • Cut your sponge into slices.

    生姜、またはフルーツの砂糖漬けを切って、 均等に重ねていきます。

  • This is an excellent recipe

    ビスケット、こちらはスポンジビスケット。 マカロン、風味ありビスケットでもよいわね。

  • for using up left over sponge cake.


  • This is a fatless sponge.


  • And it's crust has an extra crunch

    カスタードクリームを作って、 ゼラチン、またはコーンスターチ 30mlを加えて

  • because when I made it


  • I lined the tin with butter


  • and then sprinkled it with fine sugar.


  • It makes it an excellent cake for using in trifle.

    いろんなレシピがあるわよね。 簡単なものなら、カスタードと果物の缶詰め ーあまりおすすめしないわ。

  • Line a glass bowl


  • with the sponge cake

    次は、ホイップクリームを作ります。 少量の砂糖を加えて、しっかりと角が立つまで。

  • and than pour on the brandy.


  • Now spread on some jam.


  • Any flavour will do


  • this is the housekeeper


  • Mrs Warwick's finest strawberry jam.

    野生のすみれ、さくら草、アンジェリカも仲間入り、 生姜の砂糖漬け

  • She made it last year


  • it is very good.


  • Once you've chopped your crystallised ginger,

    はい、出来上がり。 オードリー エンド ハウスのトライフルです。

  • or fruit, layer it on evenly

  • and then add biscuits.

  • These are sponge biscuits,

  • but you could use macaroons

  • or ratafia biscuits.

  • make a nice layer of these

  • and then pour on the sherry.

  • Leave it to soak for ten to fifteen minutes.

  • Next if you haven't already,

  • make some custard.

  • Add two sheets of gelatine,

  • or two tablespoons of corn flour

  • to make it set properly.

  • I'm then going to add some almonds

  • to make it even thicker

  • Then layer it on to your trifle.

  • There are many, many different recipes for trifle.

  • Some that are easy that contain packet custard

  • and tinned fruit

  • the not very good ones.

  • And others, like this,

  • for the carefully put together.

  • Next start whipping your cream.

  • Once you've whisked the cream

  • add in a little sugar then you can pipe it.

  • Building it up layer by layer

  • until you've got quite a lot of height.

  • And there you are.

  • Now it's ready for decoration.

  • for the decorationsI have used a variety of

  • candied fruit and candied edible flowers.

  • Be very careful when choosing flowers

  • to decorate dishes such as this

  • you must make sure they're edible.

  • So here we have some wild violets,

  • and we have some cowslips.

  • I've also put on some

  • angelica and some candied ginger.

  • The candied flowers are

  • primulas,

  • primroses,

  • and here the very last

  • candied pansy.

  • And there we are.

  • Trifle as eaten at Audley End House.

I'm about to make a trifle.

トライフルを作りましょう。 ブレイブルーク卿のお気に入りです。


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