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One of my favorite tips on how to increase engagement on Twitter
inside the video!
Hey guys, it’s Chia from Brand24 and today we’re going to take a quick look at Twitter
and how to increase your Twitter engagement.
So we’re gonna be looking at: trending hashtags, the best Twitter profiles to engage with,
and then sharing one of our favorite tips on how to combine these key pieces of information
to boost your engagement on Twitter.
So, by default, Twitter and basically everything you tweet is public... to roughly 330 million monthly
active users and about 152 million daily active users since the end of 2019.
So, this presents companies and individuals that are using Twitter for business with lots of
opportunities to generate interest in their marketing campaigns and drive more traffic
to their websites — especially by engaging with Twitter influencers and really active
profiles on the platform who can help amplify your message to reach even more users.
One effective way to boost your Twitter engagement and reach more people with every tweet is
by using the best hashtags and tagging the right profiles.
This can earn you a lot of interactions, like: retweets, replies, likes, and follows, as
well as clicks on links, hashtags, embedded media and usernames that you include.
A key thing to remember is that Twitter interactions occur between people, albeit online, so tagging
the right Twitter profiles is a great way to increase your overall engagement on Twitter,
and it starts with keeping an eye on hashtags and topics that are trending on the platform.
Since Twitter is where people go to share news, this means that topics that users
are interested in change with time, and pretty quickly.
So you need to be in tune with what’s trending at the moment.
Twitter gives you some general information about this: you can see what topics and hashtags
are trending by location.
Some of them are gonna be relevant to your business, but most of them will be about current
If you’re working within a super niche segment, you might not see any hashtags that apply
to your business on that list, but tapping into a super trendy topic by monitoring those
hashtags and then tagging the right profiles in your tweet is something that can help you
grow your followers, which means that you’ll reach more people with tweets that do carry
your marketing message.
Twitter gives you the first clue to finding trending topics and hashtags right up front,
and if you see one that you want to try to tap into — you can find the best Twitter
profiles to engage with by monitoring the topic more closely via media monitoring — also
known as social listening.
Now, when I say “best" Twitter profiles, I’m referring to Twitter influencers and
other users who are really active in the conversation around this topic and who actively engage
on Twitter themselves and generate significant amounts of engagement with their own tweets.
So, looking at this list of top Twitter influencers for this trending topic, it’s where you’re gonna
find the best profiles to engage with your tweet.
But before you do anything, you’re gonna want to check out their Twitter activity and observe
how often they retweet and otherwise interact with tweets that mention them.
Some profiles, even though they may generate a lot of engagement themselves, they'll rarely
engage with others and retweet content that mentions them… and since your goal is to
increase YOUR engagement, you’re gonna want to tag the Twitter profiles who will be more
likely to engage with your content.
Of course, you want to craft a message that people WANT to engage with in the first
This is how Kalina, our social media manager at Brand24 garnered so much Twitter engagement
on this tweet: by first finding a trending topic — in this case, it was the hashtag “BTS”
and then monitoring it closely with our media monitoring tool, identifying the best Twitter
profiles to engage with and, of course, creating a really interesting tweet with a valuable
message that people were eager to engage with.
And another plus side to monitoring Twitter: this is how we were able to pick up on another
tweet that mentioned us (without tagging us), and it was sharing the infographic
that Kalina created.
This tweet also got a good amount of engagement on its own, and since it featured such a clear
visual of our logo, this is something that’s really good for our brand awareness on Twitter.
Anyway, this is just a quick little tip from us to you on how to increase your engagement
on Twitter!
We definitely recommend that you try it for yourself!
That’s it for this week!
Thank you guys for watching!
If you have any questions or some cool tips of your own to share, just let us know in
the Comments section below!
And if you found this video helpful or interesting, feel free to Like, Share or Subscribe to our
YouTube channel, where you’ll find even more videos just like this.
Thank you guys AGAIN for watching… and, as always, I hope you learned something new!
I’ll see you next time, bye!


SNS運用担当者必見!Twitter エンゲージメント率を上げる方法を大公開! (How to increase engagement and get more followers on Twitter | Twitter Trending Hashtag Tips)

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