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  • Steps up efforts to contain the virus.

  • We want to take a look at what's happening elsewhere in the world.

  • Cases in France and Italy substantially increased this weekend, with the number of people diagnosed in France escalating significantly, and Italy reported more than 1200 new cases in the last 24 hours.

  • The increase prompted the Italian government to take dramatic new quarantine measures, CBS News foreign correspondent Charlie Daggett reports from Rome.

  • It's a surreal scene here at ST Peter's Square.

  • Even Pope Francis just said seems a little bit strange.

  • Normally, people be watching his address from his apartment window.

  • Instead, they're seeing this Sunday prayer being held on these wide screens.

  • It's all an effort to keep crowd numbers down here as we learned overnight.

  • That's just the beginning.

  • It is by far the most dramatic measure yet in a race against the virus, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti declaring the force lock down of 1/4 of the country's population nationwide.

  • Museums, movie theaters, sporting events shut down weddings and funerals band.

  • The contagion is not only accelerating, it's now everywhere.

  • The really scary part is not knowing you could pick it up from something you touched or someone you might meet.

  • And when people are really worried, they come here.

  • This is Italy's number one hospital for infectious diseases, and behind me might be able to make out those silver tents which have been set up is a sort of triage area.

  • They're all over Italy to stop those who may be carrying the virus from infecting the rest of the hospital and just take a look at the Trevi Fountain this morning.

  • Normally, this place would be heaving with tourists, but hotel cancellations air up by 90% in some areas.

  • That's the worst in the world.

  • Globally, cases have now soared to 105,000.

  • South Korea has surpassed 7000.

  • Countries across Asia and Europe are all reporting a surge in new cases, and they'll be seeing Italy is a glimpse of the future.

  • The media has been criticized for being alarmist, but the media didn't just quarantine around 16 million people a couple weeks ago.

  • There maybe two dozen cases here now they're nearly 6000.

as the U.


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B1 中級 新型コロナウイルス 新型肺炎 COVID-19

コロナウイルスの恐れは、イタリアが閉鎖に直面しているとして、海外に広がっている (Coronavirus fears spread overseas as Italy faces shutdown)

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