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  • your fantastic performance really showed the caliber fighter You are there.

  • But I know you were just very grateful That crate that he stepped in there tonight to give you a fight.

  • I'm absolutely.

  • As of last year, I was doing a lot of personal issues, so I realized every actually have the queen.

  • That out.

  • The gun is a blessing for me to make the best of every last one of them.

  • Obviously talk us through that finish.

  • You got him to the ground.

  • You rained on the punches.

  • You got the job done.

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, when you're standing at some jobs to his side.

  • And I knew it would be close to being done.

  • Sides make sure I stayed autumn and keep the pressure on.

  • And there was heavy shots before the fight.

  • You talked about how in camp this time the focus was on you, Not about your opponent.

  • Really?

  • Your coach doing the folks is gonna bring you that paid off.

  • You feel that something you'll take forward into your next campaign.

  • Next fight?

  • Yeah, absolutely.

  • I thought great.

  • Never.

  • One point that fight that like Oh, man, I'm in danger, not eat.

  • What about What about the next?

  • I felt really comfortable.

  • I was able to just the revenue throughout me.

  • And also you got to finish.

  • You called out Guzman.

  • That's not an easy fight for anybody, just the way and the style in which he fights, You said, because he's been speaking for two years about fighting you.

  • But what's the reason you're asking for him now?

  • I've just been quiet for too long.

  • I mean, there's so many guys that called me out, and it seems if I'm the one that's running away or Ducky itself, I want to let me know that I won't fight the best guys that are out there and our rooster has proven time and time again.

  • He's a tough opponent, so I want to go out there and get tested against the best out there that you are in a competitive division right now.

  • Of course, we've got the interim ties were about to go down between Covington on our d A.

  • Get your predictions on that one.

  • I think Cartier gets it.

  • I mean, the government has a tough fight as well, but I think Artie is a more well rounded fighter and of course that $15,000 from tonight's win goes towards a little girl with, like, a spinal muscular dystrophy condition.

  • You're gonna meet here afterwards?

  • Absolutely flying Nebraska me with her parents and deliver the check in person.

  • Can't wait.

  • See?

  • You know it's gonna good luck with your wedding as well in July.

  • Thanks for talking to us.

  • Thank you.

  • Thanks so much.

your fantastic performance really showed the caliber fighter You are there.


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"カマル・ウスマンと戦いたい!"ニール・マギーがUFCリバプール勝利後にHUGEコールを出す ("I want to fight Kamaru Usman!" Neil Magny makes a HUGE call out after UFC Liverpool win)

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