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  • a Oh!

  • Oh, What is up, guys?

  • Hopeful.

  • Speaking a student.

  • I hope you're in the profit because I gave you both off the signals by this bye.

  • And so, by the way, the song playing in the background is some playing the profound.

  • It's nightmare.

  • Fine, eh, Fritz?

  • That killed times too.

  • Could this look at this, guys, look at this.

  • Set it up from the top.

  • So the bottom we killed knows that guys who couldn't love that betrayed the signals.

  • Let me show you the signal.

  • Why does it been going on?

  • What?

  • I had the way one of my songs.

  • What am I doing here, man?

  • Yeah, said that now.

  • So by now, good name.

  • I didn't want you to begin, so I'm just killing.

  • Killing NASDAQ has been killed.

a Oh!


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A2 初級

ナスダック(外国為替取引 (NASDAQ (Forex trading))

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