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  • Hello, everyone.

  • And welcome to another video.

  • Now, A while ago, a company asked me to review an SSD storage isn't my forte if I'm honest, but we all have to start somewhere.

  • So I thought, Why not get some practice in first?

  • And that led me to buy this the cheapest SST I could find on Amazon and on Allie Express to retailing for just $10.

  • This is Thies, son Bo X one and it has a picture of a missile on it.

  • So it must be fast, right?

  • Well, either way, I thought it would make a great boot drive for one of my aging desktops.

  • So I guess the first thing we should do is see if it works, I'm going to be adding it to my Dell X P s P.

  • C today and installing Window seven after a rather crude and untidy installation, I powered up the PC, booted into the BIOS and was relieved to see the drive was recognized.

  • I then began the process of installing windows which took a swift 25 minutes from start to finish on this Finamex six and 10 50 system immediately.

  • I regretted not spending the extra £3 on the 32 gig model.

  • But luckily, after a quick disk cleanup, I had a couple more gigabytes to play with to test it.

  • Iran Crystal Disc six, An SST in H D D speed test All that can be downloaded for free after running the test.

  • These were the results for those of you who know more about storage than I do.

  • You'll know that this is more of a 72 100 rpm hard drive school, then an SSD score, which isn't helped by the satyr to interface this thing uses.

  • What I'm saying is that essentially, this isn't really much faster than, say, a Western digital hard drive, for example, in fact, it's a little worse, but I will say, because it's an SST is silent, so if anything, it wins the award for that.

  • So if it's lower than a modern H D.

  • D, is there any need whatsoever to buy one?

  • Well, as I said before, I bought one, because I thought adding it to a much older PC might speed up the boot times if I installed the operating system exclusively to it.

  • To test that theory, let's compare the sun bow to this, A 160 gig W.

  • D s Saturday, Dr.

  • Pulled from a decade old machine.

  • As you can see inside by side results, the cheap SST wins.

  • So for $10 pounds or euros, it might be worth ring stalling your address exclusively on something like this in an aforementioned office or home set up if your boots and loading times are getting a little sluggish.

  • Speaking of which, I compared to start up of the San Bow to the Old Western Digital and found that the cheap, SST booted windows almost three times faster.

  • But remember, it's no quicker than a modern day hard drive would do it.

  • I found that out.

  • When I added this to the equation, my W D blue H D D running crystal disc again revealed that the reeds speeds on this were much better, and the right speeds were nearly identical.

  • Thes speeds can also be reflected in the loading times of games, which were actually a little faster on my new hard drive.

  • Good Joe, I ordered a 32 gig drive to that would actually fit the game's on to conclude this SST isn't going to outperform your new hard drive If you built your PC recently what it will do, though, for a very low prices, improved the boots and loading times of an older system providing it supports Satur connections.

  • If you've got an aging HP or Dell machines, something like that with a ton of personal files and documents on and you don't want to get rid of it because you don't want to swap things overall, whatever the reason, then you could pay a tenner.

  • Reinstall Windows seven or 10 on this thing, and at least it would improve the user experience that way when shopping for SS days, always check your Dr Speeds first with something like Crystal Disc and then compare it to the speed stated on the SST manufacturers site.

  • In addition, there are other brands out there that do offer faster and not much more expensive options than this.

  • So don't always rushing on cheap deals.

  • I don't usually review hardware like this, but I saw it on Amazon for a very low price thought.

  • Why not gave it a go and it turns out it wasn't really all that quick a toll.

  • But as I said it may be worth using something this cheap in an older desktop that really could benefit from faster boot times.

  • As always, though, I hope you've enjoyed this SSD review.

  • Thank you very much for watching this video lever like on it.

  • If you enjoyed it, leave a dislike on it if you didn't subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already and hopefully I'll see all of you in the next one.

Hello, everyone.


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