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  • choreographing Dimitri from last season's top 10.

  • Today we're doing samba, and this card is like a red condense thing.

  • You got to be a man because you just on the floor of his He was Danny and my name is Lacey.

  • And together we are Dancy anyone for him, too.

  • She's really fun, and she never really gets boring, but a little too much fun devour me nanny.

  • Very sexy.

  • Very hat are in the sand.

  • Lacey and I get extremely close.

  • It's almost like we're making out.

  • It's kind of tempting, actually.

  • You gorgeous.

  • I think I fall in love with a stripper.

  • Subject for tonight's show is rhythm driving force that pulls their life with your with that direction and with the cheese.

  • And so tonight we're safe, hip, hip change in the river.

choreographing Dimitri from last season's top 10.


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SYTYCD3 ダニー&レイシーヒップヒップチンチン.mpg (SYTYCD3 Danny & Lacy Hip Hip Chin Chin.mpg)

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