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Oh, wait, wait.
Game room.
Got to show you that one.
Plug my twitter this time should show Underscore Ogi.
Um, I stream pretty much every day.
Sanibel, maybe Custer custom sugar show gloves sent me, like, 75 pairs.
So, uh, they said seldom do what?
Everyone with them.
So I'm selling him.
Come home.
Be stiff is shit goto bed stiff, Wake up Even stiffer.
But like 10 15 minutes of yoga stretches and breathing before bed improved so much does quiet.
Quiet, new, super fucking cool.
T j sent Tim this breakdown of ticket I'm fighting with, Like, all the little things he does, a little thing goes wrong and stuff sent it to Tim out of nowhere.
And it was actually really good.
Some of the toughest guys from all over come in here.
I think the strength off the lab is all the partners die versus wrestlers.
Fucking good kick boxers.
Black Bolt's just you and everyone super friendly for a pro fighter, I think.
One of the best programs in the world ending I was a huge hype train going into that last bite on.
It's been over a year now.
Not quite a year with the year now.
So, uh, I got to remind people that wanna live train, like, kind of died down a little bit.
I'm not mad about that kind of just how it is.
There's so many other stars arriving, but I think I still have a good, solid food fans excited for my fight.
And then after, I think I'm gonna get a huge audience, how about their performance?


The Anatomy of Sean O'Malley ft. Tim Welch - (Chapter Three) | UFC 239 Series Preview

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 10 日 に公開
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