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  • Hi. My name is Eric Welkerson, but my friends call me "Contemporary Eric."

  • Today, I'm going to teach you how to do Contemporary dance.

  • There are 15 moves that are in every Contemporary dance.

  • You can put these steps together in any sequence to songs such as:

  • Adele, Ani DeFranco, and Frau Frau...

  • ..and you too can be a Contemporary choreographer.

  • Helping me today is my assistant, Bich.

  • Say "Hello", Bich.

  • -Hell-- -Okay.

  • Now let's get started on learning the 15 steps.

  • The Knee: where you have a very serious conversation with your knee...

  • ..and then you put it down because you realize you shouldn't be doing that.

  • The Pants: where you pull your pants down and then you pull them back up...

  • really quickly because people are noticing.

  • The Zombie With Emotion.

  • The I Just Came Out of a Well: where you use sign language to tell...

  • someone that you just came out of a well and you need help.

  • The Brat: where you act like you're kicking a fire hydrant...

  • and then you check to see if anyone notices you're mad.

  • The Blind Man: where you pretend that you're a blind man playing volleyball,

  • but you don't know when the volleyball's coming.

  • The Pewp: where you squat down because you have to poop,

  • but then when it comes it surprises you so you act really cool afterward.

  • The Elbowless Hug: where you reach out to give someone a hug...

  • as though you don't have any elbows.

  • The Bounce: where you bounce on your heels to keep yourself from crying...

  • because you're having a really, really bad day.

  • The This is Your Head.

  • The Seriously Get Your Damn Hands off of Me, as you can see.

  • The Peekaboo: where you give the audience a quick look at your "whabaha".

  • The Leg: where you run and jump into a split leap,

  • but then you realize your right leg was amputated from the knee down,

  • so as you fall, you reach out to the audience for help.

  • And when you get up, you realize that you need to stretch

  • your hip flexer really, really bad.

  • The Magnet: where, all a sudden, your underwear becomes a magnet...

  • for someone's chest.

  • The Why is Your Head in My Hand? As you can see.

  • And every number always finishes with one other move.

  • It's called, "Go to Sleep, Bich."

  • Now watch as me and my assistant put these moves together to make a routine.

  • We'll put this routine to music and add emotion.

  • And that's how you do Contemporary dance.

  • You can download this song from iTunes in the link below.

  • Then you can do your own Contemporary dance using the Contemporary dance steps.

  • Post links to your video in the comments below and I will give feedback.

  • Thanks for watching.

  • Love, Contemporary Eric.

  • -Can I get up? -NO!

  • [go to to make a personal request]

Hi. My name is Eric Welkerson, but my friends call me "Contemporary Eric."


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