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So as of today there have been novel coronavirus infections
diagnosed in patients who either lived in or visited the Arabian peninsula
and the first patient died of his pulmonary
or lung infection in June and now there is a second case
currently in hospital in the United Kingdom having returned from Saudi Arabia
with the exact same strain of the virus. Obviously people are concerned
could this be the next SARS. SARS, you will recall was also
a coronavirus. So this is not the SARS coronavirus
although it's in the same family, it's a very different virus and at this point in time
it's not behaving the way SARS did in that we really just have
the two cases separated by several months. But I think
it's important that we remain vigilent. The Public Health
Agency of Canada has recommended that any patient who develop pneumonia
within ten days of returning from the Arabian subpenisula
should be put into an isolation facility while investigations are
being done. But perhaps the most important thing at this time
is to remember that influenza season is right around the corner
and we'll be seeing more influenza, whether it's the pandemic
strain H1N1 or H3N2, time will tell.
But it is certain that we will be seeing influenza and the influenza vaccine
is going to become available within the next month
and this is just a reminder that we should all receive the vaccine to protect
ourselves and other high-risk individuals in our families
and our community.


Novel coronavirus: what you need to know

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