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  • Hey, Lightweights and the keeper tuning into my ghost of sushi MMA release date, trailer reaction.

  • I know I'm totally butchering the pronunciation of it.

  • It's the New Yorker.

  • That's the best they can do.

  • So for those of you who are fluent in Japanese, I apologize.

  • I'm trying my best.

  • I promise.

  • I'm really, really, really excited to see when this game is going to be released.

  • We've really only seen a tiny little bit and it just looks absolutely beautiful.

  • And I'm excited to see what some more of the story is gonna be about and to see when we finally get to have our hands on this game.

  • So before we get into the reaction, please make sure you subscribe to the channel.

  • Hit that bell.

  • But And when you do such you know, when I post my next reaction video and without further ado here we go.

  • When we fight face out into me head on.

  • When we take their life we looked him in the eye with courage and respect.

  • This is what makes us somebody.

  • There must be thousands of them would face death and defend off.

  • Oh my God, We do.

  • We must Lord Sakai.

  • That is why you and I have both survivors.

  • I am summer night.

  • No, you are more than that.

  • You are the ghost.

  • Convince your people to join me, and I will give them peace.

  • Never.

  • Sir.

  • I've never seen a summer I fight like that.

  • It was nothing.

  • Sure, More than summer.

  • He is a vengeful spirit.

  • Back from the grave.

  • Dis Lotte, the Mongols.

  • If you continue down this path, there would be no better than the Mongols.

  • I trained you to fight with honor.

  • Honor died on the beach.

  • Con deserves to suffer.

  • I am right.

  • Sacrifice everything for soon.

  • Please be soon, huh?

  • Okay, That's soon.

  • I think it already.

  • Guys, I am super pumped.

  • I'm probably gonna get some flak for saying this and whatever, but I kind of was gained some assassin.

  • Discreet vibes in some parts of it.

  • So the parts where it showed you kind of stealth thing behind people and taking them out, Um, the swinging to the rooftop.

  • I mean, not that an assassin's creed.

  • You really had that sort of ability, but you would jump from rooftop to rooftop, so I don't know, I just kind of got that vibe a little bit, which really excites me because I'm a huge fan of the assassin's creed games.

  • Obviously, it's not gonna be identical to that.

  • But I just thought that was kind of cool.

  • And I'm super excited that it's like seeming to be based off the time period, actually really historical events with the Mongol invasion of Japan.

  • So those of you who know me know I'm a history teacher, so I'm totally nervous about that.

  • I'm really excited, and I can't wait to brush up on my Japanese history and my Mongol history.

  • Um, and I'm just really excited.

  • I know we didn't see a ton of game play in this trailer, but the cut scenes were gorgeous and the story seems like it could be pretty cool.

  • We've got some ex samurai out for revenge.

  • I don't know that that seems like it could be really cool, some super super excited.

  • I know we kind of knew he was the ghost before from that little trailer we had seen, but it's it'll be interesting to see how he gets to that point, so I cannot cannot wait.

  • And June is not all that far away S o.

  • I hope that you're as excited for this game is I am.

  • And I really hope you enjoyed the reaction if you did.

  • And you haven't already.

  • Please make sure you subscribe to the channel hit that fell.

  • But when you do such no one of those next video and as always thank you so much about you guys.

  • I really appreciate it.

  • Great.

Hey, Lightweights and the keeper tuning into my ghost of sushi MMA release date, trailer reaction.


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