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we are announcing that we do have a new case of Cove in 19 here in British Columbia.
This is, Ah, young women and a woman in her thirties who is positive at the testing that was done here at the BC CDC lab.
It is samples have gone on to the animal for confirmation, but we are confident that this is a true positive.
Um, she resides in the Fraser Health Region and has recently returned from travel to Iran home.
Fraser Health is actively investigating the close contacts, and a number have already been put in isolation and additional information is being gathered even as we speak.
Will be doing a detailed investigation of her travel when her symptoms started and determine whether we need to investigate or notify people who are on the aircraft that she returned in.
So that brings our told a number of cases here in VC to 61 presumed positive four who are confirmed positive and remain in self isolation and under the care of public health around has recently started reporting that they've had cases there, including just yesterday it reported they had five cases and two deaths, and so that obviously triggered a bit of of interest from people around the world who are looking into this virus because most cases we know from China are milder cases.
So that's it could be an indicator that there's more widespread transmission are continued view that the wrist of British Columbians is low.
But we are acting with vigilance in our public health care system to ensure, first of all, that anyone who is diagnosed is given the best appropriate care, but also that we ensure the protections of others in the community, and that continues to be our overriding concern.
This is our six cases in British Columbia is you know, one case has been resolved in the sense that are the first case that we announced in British Columbia's had to negative tests.
There's obviously significant investigation we're gonna be doing on this case.


Woman returning from Iran is B.C.'s 6th case of novel coronavirus

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