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  • Neal.

  • Nice turnout for Rodriguez goes again.

  • McNair were playing the advantage and probably rightly so.

  • McNeil, looking to take on Sanchez back against McNeil, still get across in decent ball in the head.

  • In a way that way, I took a chance back of the paper.

  • One was to finish.

  • It looks scoring against Spurs and deservedly Burnley.

  • Lead burly.

  • Want spurs nil?

  • It's Luis El Salto open on Lem.

  • Ella Mae won't get that court.

  • Minor penalty.

  • I think he's given up to be a penalty, but may have to try and get the challenge in court.

  • Lamelas Onda Mela goes down Deli Ali against Pope to equalize.

  • Nick Pope sent the wrong way daily.

  • Ali converts.

  • 49 minutes.

  • Six Old square, burly one Spurs won Delhi Ali from the spots.



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