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  • we have observed them at their work.

  • Seen the hazards they face.

  • We have attempted to assess the tightest the Osteria typed in.

  • Yeah, but yourself tell Angela.

  • Yes, man.

  • No one what we have here.

  • Tell us.

  • Hey, Uncle Bo, With the mothers here you are a cartel member, Mark for the America of Oliver Brokerage Liberty or Miracle, our camera guy.

  • As American visitors, people want to see what their neighbor here are me.

  • Our pollution.

  • Be Marv, you cooperate.

  • The boat got amount.

  • Video would be that they are made about a 1,000,000 Mera Naam.

  • Tomar My God!

  • You know, Greek extra my party barman.

  • Actually.

  • Come on.

  • Ebola or off the bark, Opal legally and no trickle down body gonna take about a gun cut out and then bargain tonight.

  • And a party also the old government, which would be deeper in number 10 are Jobe, which we got a video.

  • Security got you purport to be marred.

  • Portentous.

  • I'm look atyou.

  • Tierney.

  • Military job myself.

  • Come on, the woman I want to give a special message to society off Indian men because I'm here since quite long time.

  • And I like the auto balance they do a great job.

  • They're having a difficult job, and I like the rival SFL and they're all men's and it's they're great people, and I really appreciate to be here and to have the chance to get a child, to find someone who takes me around the city to show me all these amazing places.

  • I think we have to appreciate the work or the menu as well.

  • And if you look around here, especially in the spice market, they are all day in spices.

  • They're cuffing.

  • It's a difficult job.

  • I think it's a great thing to appreciate the job they're doing.

  • A woman's gets inside is easy.

  • Me.

  • That's a woman's Their Children's Mother's Day.

  • Subjective segments.

  • Maybe you meant to kill Leo.

  • People are like, you say on this year's International Men's Day.

  • Think again before you brand men as alcoholics, molesters, rapists and wife beaters as often portrayed by the media.

  • It's the men who toiled hard every day in the fields, factories, roads and offices.

  • Men are the providers of the majority of the households.

  • It's the men who run the economy.

  • It's the men who were always take for granted, who are looked upon as mere protectors and providers.

we have observed them at their work.


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2016年国際メンズデーを記念して (Celebrating International Men's Day 2016)

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