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  • so I had high blood pressure.

  • I had sleep apnea.

  • I was borderline diabetic.

  • I don't know that I would have been around very much longer had I have left in the way they were.

  • So food for me became became a crutch.

  • Basically, it was an addiction and I used it Thio I used it to coat and if ever I was stressed or, you know, I would turn into it I turn the food comfort at the end of the day and look, some people turn to drugs.

  • Some people turned alcohol, you know?

  • I turned food, so I took myself to my J.

  • P.

  • And I walked in and he'd been my GP for myself.

  • My life.

  • And he looked at me and he said Hope on Skiles and I did.

  • And he shook his head and said to me, How you still a lot.

  • He said, We need to do some work on.

  • We need to do it now.

  • And, you know, I tightly I really, uh I was at a point where I accepted that and when I what do we do?

  • And there was no question.

  • He referred me Thio Brisbane surgeon who came down and met.

  • And then we set a date for the surgery and it was way we set a date and he sent me six months and I said, Please don't let's make it that long because I'll change my mind.

  • The surgery that was put in front of me a za vessel Thio to use as a tool to use isn't so horrible.

  • It I worked really, really hard with the dogfish in sorting out completely the wrong idea that suit And so I had to learn again names.

  • I worked with her a witch with psychologist.

  • You can reverse the surgery right back where you started if you died, make the correct choice is after the process.

  • I feel like I actually we've been given a second chance.

  • So, you know, through the choices are mind to nail I've been given a second chance and I'm very grateful for that.

  • You can't go back You can't change the pause.

so I had high blood pressure.


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