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  • Jack.

  • I'm Alex.

  • The problem that's not true is just that.

  • It's the difference between Jay Z and Jay.

  • Why?

  • Well, then how do you explain this Gonna be a recording artist, Mr Mallet?

  • Because she loves, you know?

  • Yes.

  • Be very happy to help free my studio at your service.

  • You cool a love like that.

  • You know, you should be like that.

  • You know, you should be Wait.

  • More songs?

  • One of Oh, yeah, I think.

  • Well, she will just wait.



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昨日(2019年) - ビートルズメドレーシーン(3/10)|Movieclips (Yesterday (2019) - Beatles Medley Scene (3/10) | Movieclips)

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