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  • against maybe Neo.

  • Now, a chance for Fraser.

  • Put Wilson a race good ball over the top.

  • Wilson against Gomez.

  • Referees carries on into the penalty area, his billing on his right foot, not the stronger side number outside in his Jefferson lover.

  • Will.

  • Flag stays down in the six books, but it's good on never setting up.

  • Cal Wilson silences the car on board with my party on Liverpool's misery.

  • It's Liverpool nail board over weight by real problems here, his hands up in the end, around the corner for mislaid evaporates.

  • After 24 minutes.

  • They did fucking a nail and now darkened over some Cherries stretched on and the penalty for making their endeavors to make something happen, going the other way.

  • Caps on stadium on a lot of gaps.

  • Finds the bottom corner phrases.

  • Corner comes in Redhead.

  • Their first chance with Marnie to clear breaks.

  • 38 in the box and Louis.

  • Good stab proof.

  • Can you believe it could go for gold himself?

  • The flag is up.

  • Nathan was unselfish.

  • He knocked it sideway while they carried on playing anyway Nathan A K could have gone for gold himself.

  • He was in one on one on the goalkeeper as it came through.

  • Hey, was Mickey was onside himself on as he knocked it square kind of Wilson is his level with me.

against maybe Neo.


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