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  • Harry and Meghan said their goodbyes to London, and now they turned up in my and me.

  • It's their first appearance together since leaving their roles of senior members of the royal family.

  • The couple speaking at an event for J.

  • P.

  • Morgan Prince Harry, reportedly revealing some very personal details of his life, sharing that he's been in therapy for years to get over the loss of his mother.

  • Joining us now from London is ABC is royal contributor Omid Scobie.

  • Thanks so much for being with us.

  • Let's start first did the palace.

  • No, this event was happening.

  • Good morning, you.

  • But this is very much the start of a new chapter for Harry and Meghan and then working in a very different way there now, autonomously by themselves, doing their own thing.

  • And of course, that means that the palace and no longer involved in any decisions that they have to make their no longer constrained to that protocol that sort of dog them for such a long period of time.

  • Of course, this is now them very much doing things their way.

  • So is this at all indicative of the things to come?

  • The type of events.

  • We will see the couple do going forward.

  • Well, Harry and Meghan started the year by talking about this desire for financial independence.

  • And, of course, for that to happen, they have to work.

  • And so for them to pick clever engagements like this, which was, of course, a discreet blue chip gathering.

  • Of course, they're in front of 400 or so investors, young and old.

  • It's a great start for them in a great way for them to say to North America.

  • Hey, we're here.

  • We're here to do business, and this is how we work.

  • So did this again event?

  • Give us any insight to how Hairy and Megan will work together in the future.

  • Well, I think it was important to note that they were side by side, although it was Harry speaking mega malls there and more of a supportive role.

  • And I think whilst a sort of take on this unchartered territory, they're really gonna be side by side figuring it out.

  • There's still a lot that we don't know about how this will work for the months ahead.

  • There still palace engagement, so they have to carry out.

  • So for them as a couple.

  • I think they're going to really be taking their time to make the right decisions.

  • But this is a great start for them.

  • All right, let's go.

  • B, Thank you so much for joining us this morning.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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Harry and Meghan said their goodbyes to London, and now they turned up in my and me.


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