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  • homeowners in Washington state can't leave their own front doors.

  • It's indestructible.

  • It's indescribable.

  • Nothing can stop it.

  • Not the block, but something else there.

  • In Tri Cities, Washington has neighbors feeling helpless and control the wind.

  • And I also don't control the tumbleweed.

  • So you deal with what happens, and this is what happens.

  • A couple 100 tumbleweeds blown in by 40 mile per hour winds, making a big mess.

  • Yeah, there's a lot so many tumbleweeds that people are driving in to take photos.

  • Yeah, not going out the front door right now.

  • Using the garage is the only exit from the house.

  • Jordan Bradfield, saying this has been happening over and over again for the past few weeks, the tumbleweeds jumping fences and blocking doors and driveways in his neighborhood.

  • But still, he's finding the bright side, you know, enjoyable.

  • It's a good way to spend some time, burn some calories, burn calories and then burn the tumbleweeds.

  • If you're the average person, you throw them into the street and hope they go away.

  • If you're me, you throw them into your irrigation ditch and then burn them.

  • Fire crews say that you can burn them, but there are regulations to keep in mind, adding that they'll burn hot and fast.

  • Lucky for Jordan, some hope is tumbling his way now, as we head through the next few weeks into March, the jet stream much farther off to the north.

  • And that means the active storm track is going to be north as well, meaning less of a tumbleweed issue as we head through the next few weeks a much happier ending than well so experts say, homeowners should definitely not try to clear them with the lawn mower that would spread the seeds.

  • And then we'd really have a blob situation on our hands growing from Washington state to Washington, D.

  • C, where I live, we have tumbleweeds, just balls of hair, everybody.

  • Jackson.

  • You know, this tumbleweed apparently came from Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia will blame you for that, too.

  • Uh, they were important to America.

  • 18 73 by Russian immigrants in South Dakota.

  • Tumbleweed problems.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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homeowners in Washington state can't leave their own front doors.


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ワシントンのタンブルウィードの攻撃 (Attack of the tumbleweeds in Washington)

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