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  • Let's talk about those four.

  • Obviously, Joe Biden is very much in Elizabeth Warren's innit?

  • Bring Sanders in it and that Kamala Harris usually is included in the top four.

  • Most the polls that we've seen.

  • Although some polls indicate don't know ranks above Kamila Harris, why isn't she doing better?

  • She was doing better after the first debate.

  • She seems to have faded a bit.

  • Well, I think David there, what she's suffering from to some degree has been the size of the field itself.

  • Having so many candidates, I think, has really confused many voters to some degree as well.

  • I do think now, though, as the field is narrowing, this next debate will have fewer Democrats on the stage.

  • Kids back to school moms and dads are back from vacations that started to pay attention.

  • I think more here as well, so I do think there's still time for come out, let to to move forward.

  • I think she's a very polished politician.

  • Ah, good elected officials some of the strong background and she'll make her case so I wouldn't discount out entirely.

  • Yet.

  • How important is it to the Democratic Party that she remain a viable contender, because if you look at those four, if in fact it is for and it's early going to the polls, you have Elizabeth Warren.

  • You have Bernie Sanders who are generally thought to be pretty progressive, even to the left.

  • You have.

  • Joe Biden is more of a moderate.

  • Is Kamila Harris the alternative?

  • Joe Biden?

  • If something happens to him, that's a great question.

  • I do think the Kamala has had a more, you know, sent a left record on as a progressive.

  • I think she is a progressive, but you know, the reality is she hit Joe Biden kind of hard at those debates initially on on.

  • So whether or not she inherits any, any fallout from Biden is yet to be seen.

  • But I do think it is.

  • It is narrowing, and I think she's gonna be right up there with Warren.

  • I think it's important for to be there.

  • I think for women having lost a Senator Gillibrand now in this race and the issues she was bringing forward on women in the military, equal pay reproductive rights.

  • Senator Warren and she, as women, will be bringing those issues up.

  • I think Senator Biden, I should say Vice President Biden, Acela's Bernie Sanders will be talking with those issues as well.

  • So I think I think it's good she's still in this race.

Let's talk about those four.


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カマラ・ハリスを2020年のレースから除外するな、とクロウリー元下院議員は言う。 (Don't Count Kamala Harris Out of the 2020 Race Yet, Former Rep. Crowley Says)

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