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  • days, days told told, gets you off.

  • It must be something.

  • Yeah.

  • So you really got a way, way down way I was getting China Used to be for now The day lead Hee hee Give me through It got down on Then you pull the rug I was getting China used to read one day way the way I was getting Johnny used to be good waits even no shoes losing before we learned to To resign thio way and tell me, can you turn right?

  • But either way and home you are I always I always get If only way Jews and, uh, don't way it if you're gonna always swishing and hold me Why?

  • If only way this'd issue This is me This is all we need Is it you?

  • My faith is shaking This'd way So you stay You stay you, won't you?

  • You count days counting days since my love a pink every breath that I have been taken since your feels like I've been holding on to hold it You come back when you can find sometimes every word spoken Since your that is like I've been told I told to get you off my mind, but I hope I never lose.

  • Booth, I need you.

  • There must be something in this every day.

  • It's getting old clothes.

  • And you gave my from going It's your most love Lost in love, Even Thio going under And this time of fear That's no Mourners safe.

  • This'll old Nothing really got a way of driving me crazy.

  • Niece, um, voted to shield somebody.

  • They know somebody to have somebody who?

  • It's easy to say but it's never the same package secured like the waking Namdar The pain now that J.

  • Booth Kim threw it away.

  • God, I was getting used to be you.

  • Oh, now the tape I fall engine Artie, give me through it all in My God And then you I was getting Johnny used to mean so you know, I was getting used to you No springs between where our brands me That's going too much for me to be Oh, it's on your heart So I hope you find Tiu.

  • Hope you make it through the docket today.

days, days told told, gets you off.


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LEWIS CAPALDIの美しいカバーがThe Voiceに掲載されました。 (Beautiful LEWIS CAPALDI covers in The Voice)

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