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Indian origin politicians.
Rishi So Knock was appointed the U.
K's new finance minister on Thursday by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in an extensive Cabinet reshuffle amid reports of serious differences within Downing Street.
The 39 year old son in law enforces co founder now Ryan Muti will now join Priti Patel on the top government bench after she held onto her post as home secretary outside the treasury office soon after his promotion.
So not told reporters he was delighted to be appointed chancellor and had a lot to get on with.
Here's all you need to know about me.
She's a narc, Okay, so knock, it said to move into number 11 Downing Street next door to the prime minister's office as it takes charge off the second most important government position as the finance minister, he will have to hit the ground running as the UK budget is due to be table next month.
He first entered the UK Parliament in 2015 and has fast risen up.
The Conservative Party ranks as a staunch Brexit deal who had back Johnson strategy to leave the European Union so now campaigned for leaving the EU referendum on his constancy watered 55% leave.
He watered for former Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal on all three occasions and was an early supporter off Johnson.
Soon, Ox father was a National Health Service general practitioner, and his mother was a pharmacist.
The emigrated from Punjab to the UK with Sue Knox Grandparent's.
He was born in 1918 South Mountain and Ham Shiloh and studied at the exclusive private school Winchester College.
So not then went on to Oxford University to study philosophy, politics and economics.
He also studied for an MBA at Stanford University.
He co founded a £1 billion global investment form and specialized in investing in small British businesses.
Before his entry into politics, he became a housing minister and 2018 before being promoted to chief secretary to the Treasury under Johnson, last to life in what was already there for two as the most basic cabinet in UK history, Indian origin NPR look.
Sharma was also promoted to the post of secretary of state for business, energy and Industrial strategy.
The 52 year old are grab on Sharma MP for reading Vest was international development secretary.
Previously, our department said to be revamped Going forward going Origin Sula Braverman, another Indian origin MP, got a promotion in the cabinet reshuffle.
She was appointed as the Attorney General.
Thank you for watching this video with me.
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Who Is Rishi Sunak? Narayana Murthy's Son-in-Law Is UK's New Finance Minister

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