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  • for you and for bread Brown.

  • What kind of offense?

  • What kind of defense?

  • Philadelphia present.

  • LeBron goes up top floor.

  • McGee kind of free flowing.

  • A little bit off offensively.

  • As you see, LeBron gets to the basket, did come back to face.

  • The pelican shaped belt turns a corner.

  • Davis, you could see, got his hand stuck rim there.

  • James goes to the basket and is fouled LeBron chains, and one that's a bad team record wise.

  • You like it, but this 16 team is about 550.

  • Just shows you how talented home speaking about talent again.

  • Getting Anthony Davis on the move to me is against Al Horford.

  • For that reason, we could, like diffused quickly has done that here tonight.

  • Coming off the bench is open for three games behind Miami Port three.

  • At the end of the shot clock, LeBron clears it away.

  • Job making Dylan has done with that squad in the absence early on, people to kind of keep things rolling, be interested, come playoff time.

  • Stays back.

  • LeBron was patient.

  • How it opens up more What Horford is used to takes contact scores and I've been there before.

  • My guards and being started playing heavy minutes and regulated to coming off the bench.

  • Nice report to its James rebounded from the Lakers.

  • 4 13 James finds Bradley find Bradley bythe Davis for three Davis, but not a show here.

  • The second quarter down into the pain or free weights.

  • Davis shot.

  • Take Davis.

  • Just get away from LeBron.

  • Third time this year is for 25 points or more in the first half.

  • There's another one down for the Lakers.

  • Outduels LeBron for that board.

  • James Missile for LeBron LeBron.

  • James has a quick five in this third quarter.

  • Davis saves it.

  • Davis goes over the first road, still dunks it home and all eyes.

  • Davis springs back to life activity later.

  • I asked around before the game.

  • Does his play give you option to kind of change?

  • He doesn't get help.

  • His Avery Bradley answers smooth.

  • Sixers producing 75 run James James Pelicans.

  • LeBron James, who had through Holiday on most of the game, continued to work inside.

  • What you said.

  • It's a dream.

  • He's got 20 now.

  • A great threat.

  • Been Senate.

  • Nice pass by LeBron Howard finishes with a foul, just a beautiful look by LeBron James on Dwight Howard.

  • A chance at an and one here Russia for six years.

  • Here's LeBron James.

  • LeBron 22 points, 14 assists, seven rebounds.

  • The assist leader in the NBA.

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for you and for bread Brown.


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