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you're watching Fever predicts, predicting the big games in the football world by the medium off fee for 20 computer versus computer.
Today it's the Manchester Darby and with me is former professional footballer turn current pundit in five uncles come bund it we didn't agree to that.
Insisted on someone remove his tea cake beginning on in the Manchester Darby confusingly in the same week as Manchester versus Darby.
Yes, to differentiate it, they're calling this one l man Kiko.
It's always a fantastic occasion that sounded the chanting, the smell of the fear from the United supporters.
It's all to play for.
If man united win this, they could get a Europa League place.
If Man City witnessed their players, they're still going for the Champions League, just not with their current club.
Yes, they'll be hoping to get a transfer to one of the teams across Europe who play by the rules.
Fill Photo.
What hotel are Watertown?
What's a special talent?
What talent Time.
What a time!
It wanted to watch the talent Watertown.
Will he play?
The game began with an assault on the city gold Pep Guardiola.
He's vowed to install competition winners in every position.
It just so happens that is defensive full of crossword competition winners in the local newspaper.
Edison there, the goalkeeper with a ll the boldness you'd expect from a man who has a giant tattoo on his neck.
It is important that Garlow has early take chances like that.
He believes the goals set up differently each time.
So these arranged finders.
He likes to test out where the goals are not scoring early chances.
Kevin Dubrow now having to brown heaven the brand and the Brown.
Kevin Deborah Anahad.
A dangerous free kick outside the area.
Now they employed one of the most ambitious set piece routines we've seen in the Premier League.
Good dog.
Literally appearing as if by magic next to him.
I mean, magician David Copperfield has been working on the training ground with them for a few weeks now, and it's finally paying dividends.
Yes, Gundogan was initially fearful of getting involved in these things, but once Copperfield had explained, it's all done with mirrors, Guendogan was bang into it.
Bottom Endy Sword!
Johnstone's in harm in the pre much buildup s Oh, there were two Johnstone's waddling about the penalty area defending corners.
Why haven't they tried that in a game yet?
I think Pep Guardiola is waiting to be convinced that having to Johnstone's is gonna be an advantage.
But it was United who got their noses in front like a competitively mendacious Pinocchio.
Bigelow has found his range, and he's delivered there.
They call him The Postman of Old Trafford, always on time, feeding that parcel of the ball through the goalie letterbox.
And if no one's in here, leave it in a secure location.
Let's hope he doesn't go down the path of every single man united signing.
In the last five years in this new United arrival, he's been eagerly anticipated.
His top glasses and top top top top top top top class.
He is a top top top top top top player.
I'm surprised Marina in the stadium after him.
United's new arrival.
He's been here six months.
He's not good enough.
No, no, he's the scapegoat for a reason.
He's bang average.
He's never been good in.
The best thing they could do with him is to loan them out to take the financial hit and then bury all his shirts in the desert in Nevada, so we never accidentally place for the club again.
Yep, the manager's got to get some new players in.
He needs some top top world class players.
What class plays like this new arrival.
And then it was too lovely close into passing between the place.
That's the United way, isn't it?
In what close into passing is also the city right?
And it's the Liverpool on the Barcelona Way because they invented S.
So we're sort of saying that these two sides of playing football the footballing way city's defense unlocked like a seif made out of salt and vinegar rice cakes, one by suckers simply too strong for Edison, who walked around afterwards with a football sized hole in his stomach.
Yeah, it's likely win.
See through.
And if you learn one thing, a goalkeeper college, it's Don't go.
We'll see through.
I mean, that's day one.
But city.
They were bold enough to muster up an attack.
Kevin de Brana.
He button booze, all the defense.
He turned them inside out.
Yeah, boom!
Basil them.
You should just call him.
Ah, Herro.
After all, he's that quick.
Yeah, he's not a hair their Antony because hairs fall asleep and lose races.
Two tortoises.
I don't see Aguero having a kip under a tree on letting Harry Maguire beating for pays on.
There was somewhat of an inevitability about the equalizer here, Aguero nipping in quicker than a an old lady on a mobility scooter in front of an articulated lorry.
A drawer is no good for either team.
No, Both things will be very disappointed.
Manchester United fans, especially there, asking questions of their teams performances these days, questions like, Is this nearly finished?
Where's the exit?
I need to go home.
So to to it finish now.
Competition time.
Pretty score of the real game in the comments section below.
Get it right and you'll win these anti Arsenal ear defenders on congratulations to last Times winners.
You're winners of these winners.
See you next time on fever breaks by.


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