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  • our playing fields have no boundaries

  • we go wherever our hearts take us

  • it's not just a sport, it's our life

  • we're all on this ride together

  • we live for adventure

  • it's in our blood

  • we live the ride

  • we listen to the wind and the water

  • no matter what your board is

  • the passion is the same

  • it makes us do it again and again

  • the spirit of all of our sports is so artistic

  • that we definitely take what we do into our daily lives

  • it encompasses your entire life it's not just some activity

  • we express ourselves and we our spontaneous

  • sometimes it is hard, we fall, we hurt ourselves and we fall again

  • but our passion is stronger than our pain and we stand up

  • every ride is a little victory

  • it's not about how old you are

  • we're not afraid to have fun

  • this is the spirit of surfing

  • it's inside everyone of us

  • all we have to do is wake it up

our playing fields have no boundaries


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クイックシルバーが魂を覚醒させる! (Quiksilver Awakens The Spirit!)

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