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  • that's out.

  • Worry about that civilian bowling take.

  • I loved that.

  • If you see the mega Rod and Bradley and after dies his abode and start, go on they dropped 300.

  • The perfect scenario.

  • So I love the love that Wait, guys, uh, guys based on the guys have with body and the guy's doing very well loved the last couple of years.

  • So every time when I saw these guys on the TV So I loved the bowling with aggression there, bowling with the pace they have spinning most of time.

  • Uh, money is, See, these guys are a lot of things I learned from Theo.

  • If you talk about, they are really good, Really good bowler and experience as well.

that's out.


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B1 中級

パキスタンの選手はオージー・クイックに感心している (Pakistan players have great admiration for Aussie quicks)

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