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  • Ishioka and will cricket right there.

  • 60.4.

  • That one.

  • That's around 100 more an hour on the all sky.

  • Let's order is the right I arrive 1 60 Brett ladies plotting up in the back of the country books Crowder involved.

  • They want fire.

  • Stop.

  • Come on, mate.

  • He's got some really missing.

  • You can seem snapping through that action.

  • It's all rhythm and I think a bit of anger as well.

  • That catch went down previous over.

  • This is almost as fast as you'll ever see.

  • Another chance goes begging.

  • Mitchell Starc is trying to change it for his country.

  • No one can hang onto it.

  • That one.

  • That slide makes that was 1 50 That was beautifully bald.

  • The really quick York.

  • Then the length fall a bit water found the edge.

  • Strike.

  • Keep putting him down, which will feel it down there.

  • Is it not?

  • That's full, but the it's the galley that we're going to spend some time on.

  • Mitchell Marsh was a good effort, but these are the sort of catching on really good pictures you gotta hang onto you Get two hands to it.

  • Yes, he does.

  • Definite chance.

  • Damn it.

  • goes again.

  • Well, you don't see these events that we haven't seen these bowling.

  • If it's too much in the 1st 3 days of the test match, Stark is turning it on, and that has flown really hard to hang onto, no doubt about it.

  • Strong movement and then burst through the hands because of the place.

  • Ross Taylor.

  • Somebody.

  • Is it the non strikers?

  • But then he heard it was four is Becker.

Ishioka and will cricket right there.


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A2 初級

スタークがNZ戦で160kphのデリバリーを投げる (Starc bowls 160kph delivery against NZ)

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    林宜悉 に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日