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  • way.

  • Historically, the Viennese waltz was thence and from the King and the Queen by the chosen one.

  • This time is no different.

  • The chosen one, our Danny and Lacey.

  • So Danny and I are friends and we have a lot of inside jokes and, uh, you just get carried away with each other.

  • So the idea is to bring whether I sort of listen to what John Mark was saying when we weren't talking.

  • You guys, it's very good, but stop.

  • It feels sometimes.

  • And I'm not kindergarten right now, so I want you back.

  • After those messages.

  • I'm like the French teacher tried to teach English.

  • They had them in your body.

  • You get that hidden in your buddy John Mark sometimes express, so it's hard to understand what happened.

  • What?

  • What's wrong?

  • E.

  • Don't speak your language, But I understand you and me and Lacey do a lift where she starts, like, kind of up in my arms.

  • And then she kind of goes between my legs.

  • Oh my gosh, my head hit Danny's goodies.

  • All right, you're not.

  • I'll be by your side, you know, I'll take your hands when it gets called, and it feels like the end.

  • There's no place to go, you know.



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A2 初級

レイシーとダニー - ウィーンのワルツ (Lacey and Danny - Viennese Waltz)

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