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  • now comic book heroes on action films.

  • We kind of assume they appeal to kind of nerdy boys.

  • And you can forget the rule.

  • Lots of nerdy women out there like these films.

  • Yeah, everyone's got their in a node.

  • Yeah.

  • You are a proper nerd, aren't you?

  • I mean, when it comes Harry Potter, I'm a massive, massive nerd.

  • We know that because you posted this.

  • Is this your 12th or your butt?

  • 12 or 13?

  • Here.

  • This is Margot.

  • Robbie.

  • Look.

  • Cool hardback.

  • Harry Potter.

  • Do you know what's particularly pathetic about this picture?

  • A couple things really let you point them out.

  • Number one, it's my birthday.

  • That's how I chose to spend my birthday.

  • What was the number two?

  • I'm drinking tea.

  • Uh, number three.

  • I'm wearing glasses.

  • Even though I don't need glasses.

  • I lied to the optometrist because I wanted to have glasses.

  • Like I think you were where you were a reporter, friend.

  • And I love her.

  • Probably just to get around to reading the last one.

  • Okay, so I just I was I have stuff to do.

  • Mom, do it later on.

  • Are you kidding me?

  • So you've heard 126 And you haven't read the seven?

  • Yeah.

  • You actually kidding?

  • I couldn't bear for twin.

  • I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight.

  • Worrying about is a game.

  • You mean this'll just keep it on the action in this is insane to me.

  • You know, Another fun fact.

  • My husband is your thing.

  • I'm so sorry I brought this up.

  • No one to blame.

  • No, no.

  • Margo, tell us.

  • Hijacking Go.

  • Because I'm not here to publicize.

  • My husband is in the Harry Potter movies.

  • I know.

  • I was like, had you told me saying we would have married very quickly, but he was an extra he was when he was a little kid.

  • He's like, one of the slow, the extras.

  • You know, when Drake I, like, pushes some kids out of the way.

  • Thio to see Buck Beak in the third book?

  • Yeah, he pushes my husband out of Tell me, Were you ever an extra in Harry Potter?

  • No, not someone I had.

  • My friend was an extra at school.

  • Then I lost him.

  • Like, how did you get into acting?

  • And you didn't tell me a picture of yourself.

  • Don't you posted a picture of yourself as I don't know how old you are.

  • You're a little boy here on.

  • You look like you could be in Hogwarts way.

  • We're filming.

  • I feel better about my further now way.

  • Yeah, I know people you went to school with must be so surprised.

  • Who's a film star, Daniel?

now comic book heroes on action films.


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