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  • public health officials in Canada say the risk here is still low, and the only confirmed cases here are travel related that almost certainly, though will change.

  • Experts and infectious disease say the window is closing on what needs to happen to ensure our health care system can cope.

  • That includes precautions to keep frontline health care workers safe and increased surveillance and testing instead of waiting for people to show up at emergency rooms.

  • About 2900 people in Canada have been tested so far.

  • Robin Gael looks at how Canada's public health response is being stepped up.

  • Theme the greater Toronto area.

  • The Transit Authority is trying to find passengers who may have traveled with a 34 year old woman recently diagnosed with the new Corona virus after arriving from Iran, the Fear Cove in 19 spreading at the community level.

  • We're cooperating fully with the public health authorities to help them trace the customers on that train and get get information to them.

  • Canada has a pandemic plan that was implemented post SARS and tested in 2009 during the H one n one epidemic.

  • It involves a command center with health experts to guide hospitals in case of a mass health scare.

  • You always want to have these things in place before there's the need and that you're planning for that and prepared for that.

  • Canada's top doctor says there's a new surveillance system in place since the appearance of covert 19 in this country, people thio after and symptoms like flu like symptoms, Um, and it's adding the Kobe 19 tests to those kind of testing.

  • Anyone showing symptoms is being advised to call public health authorities before showing up at hospitals.

  • But there's no way to monitor that.

  • And here's why.

  • That's troubling.

  • This is a virus that can be transmitted when people have very mild symptoms people may not know to present on.

  • So it is quite possible that those containment measures will not work in the long run.

  • It's kind of perfectly prepared, Difficult to say, Doctor Soon, a vast Murthy is working with the World Health Organization to track Cove in 19 making sure hospitals are adequately staffed, making sure people know where to seek care if they need to at the public level, making sure all the supply chains air readily checked, namely masks and gloves and other personal protective equipment.

  • There's a run on stocks of cleaning supplies and sanitizers in case this turns into a worst outbreak.

  • For the most part, though, Canadians are remaining calm, trying to not buy into the hysteria that's going.

  • But it could be a matter of time before the disease isn't just one brought in through travel's not improbable that more cases will be happening here, even at the community level.

  • And health professionals say that will be the next front in the battle against this virus.

  • Robin Gil, Global News, Vancouver Other countries like the U.

  • K.

  • Or preparing for the number of cases to rise significantly in a ramping up their preparations.

  • There are 39 confirmed cases in the UK now, but public health officials there say widespread transmission is highly likely.

  • The prime minister held an emergency meeting about Cove in 19 today, and the European Union has raised the risk for moderate toe high.

  • As Crystal Daman Singh reports, everyone is watching what's happening in Italy, Iran and South Korea.

  • It is a mammoth task, sanitizing, um all with the hope of keeping people in Seoul healthy.

  • The number of people infected with Cove in 19 and South Korea has climbed past 4000 the highest count outside of China.

  • People are fearful of the disease and suspicious of those around them, eyes 20 year old student says.

  • Maybe the person is my neighbor or passed me by.

  • This is highly contagious, so I don't know what to do.

  • I'm worried about going outside.

  • Many of the infections are in the Southeast, and transmission can be linked back to members of a secretive religious sect.

  • City officials are asking prosecutors to file homicide and other charges against members of the sect.

  • Monday, the leader begged for forgiveness on his knees.

  • Members did not initially disclose they had been traveling to Wuhan, China, the founder says.

  • I'm really grateful that the government has been making efforts to stop the Corona virus spread, and at the same time I'm asking for forgiveness in Israel.

  • This is what voting day looks like in the middle of a global epidemic.

  • Officials took precaution so that residents in a quarantine neighborhood could still cast a balance.

  • This is a democracy.

  • The Corona thing is completely under control.

  • Today we're we've taken all the precautions that are necessary.

  • People can go and vote with complete confidence, but there is no complete confidence.

  • A team from the World Health Organization has landed in Iran with additional supplies, but a team member on the ground is already infected with Cove in 19 and an adviser to Iran's supreme leader has died of the virus.

  • Italy, meanwhile, saw a huge spike in infections and deaths.

  • Areas in the north are the heart of Europe's worst outbreak of the disease.

  • Ah government issued quarantine is still in place for some 50,000 people in 11 towns.

  • A student in northern England who travelled to Italy is the latest person to be infected.

  • A number of schools have closed as a result.

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson says likely the situation here will get worse but says people should trust in the health care system.

public health officials in Canada say the risk here is still low, and the only confirmed cases here are travel related that almost certainly, though will change.


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B1 中級 新型コロナウイルス 新型肺炎 COVID-19

コロナウイルス発生。より多くの国で症例が記録されていることから、カナダの対応に疑問を呈する (Coronavirus outbreak: Questions about Canada's response to outbreak as more countries record cases)

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