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  • A Fake wall is put up

  • A stuntman is lifted up the wall

  • Tables and chairs are remote controlled

  • Pictures and books are spring loaded

  • Actors are seated inside

  • Time to f**k with some customers

  • Hello. Hi, can I get a small coffee?

  • Poppyseed bagel with butter.

  • Oh my god!!!

  • That sucks. I'm sorry.

  • You just ruined all of my stuff.

  • Get some napkins and clear it up. It'll be fine.

  • Fine?! There's coffee inside of my computer.

  • You know what? Just get away from me.

  • Wow

  • Just get away from me.

  • Get out of my way. Oh my god!

  • Just get away from me.

  • Get away from me.

  • OH MY GOD! Holly Crap

  • No!!!

  • There are other people out there like me who can do what I can do.

A Fake wall is put up


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電脳コーヒーショップのサプライズ (Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise)

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