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  • would you mind coming over here?

  • All snap.

  • Both.

  • Y'all are looking at me.

  • Please describe to me your look and your look tonight.

  • Well, it's Gucci and it's Gucci.

  • Its head by Gucci.

  • Uh, it's a little bizarre inspiration behind it's all allesandro it.

  • So it's all the team a Gucci that the most lovely group of people.

  • I've been really fortunate to work with them there.

  • They're very good friends on.

  • It's like it's just a It's a it's a fun time Camp is about being big, being an extravagant being scrumptious.

  • How would you describe, Can I think camp is?

  • Is celebrating things that maybe are discarded?

  • It's not taking life for fashion too serious, and I'm happy to be part of it.

  • I'm so glad you have another set of eyeballs because they were so damn pretty.

would you mind coming over here?


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