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  • tonight, hundreds of Americans have landed back on U.

  • S soil after being evacuated from China amid the Corona virus emergency.

  • Those two planes touching down in California, some 350 people on board.

  • They'll be quarantined now at bases in California.

  • Tomb or evacuation planes are slated to arrive Friday as there is a new confirmed case here, 12 now in the U.

  • S.

  • This one in Wisconsin and a veces will car at the Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California Tonight, around 350 Americans are back home after flying in from Wuhan, China, ground zero for the Corona virus.

  • We're facing an unprecedented public health threat, the CDC now says.

  • A child on one flight developed a fever.

  • Was a child quarantined on the flight, separated from everybody else on the flight?

  • It's a it's a, um, an airplane.

  • And so, as much as possible, the child is being evaluated this point and will be put in isolation and tested.

  • All of the passengers are now split between two military bases, including Travis Air Force Base, where Daisy Roth and her two daughters will be quarantined for two weeks.

  • But in China, the virus is spreading rapidly, killing nearly 500 people.

  • So far and Japan, this cruise ship has been quarantined after at least 10 people tested positive.

  • Gate Quarter.

  • Who has diabetes is on board.

  • I take insulin.

  • I'm not in a panic yet, but I don't have two weeks work tonight.

  • We've learned at least two more flights are coming back to the United States from the hot zone in China later this week, one going to a military base in Texas, the other to Nebraska.

  • David will cards and I will thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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tonight, hundreds of Americans have landed back on U.


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約350人のアメリカ人が中国・武漢から戻ってきた l ABCニュース (Around 350 Americans back from Wuhan, China l ABC News)

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