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  • for final broadcast of the evening.

  • Playboy Cardy has been elected governor of Georgia, beating current governor Young Fella nearly 2 to 1 in Massive Upset.

  • Me has made good on their pledge to close coal plants nationwide, making progress towards beating climate change and finally, Lil Uzi for announces release of his new album, Eternal A Take.

  • After a delay of more than 10 years, it's set to be released next Friday.

  • Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but to be fair, we've been waiting for a while.

  • Here's the thing.

  • Lulu's effort hasn't even been teasing his next album for that long.

  • It's been barely one year since Suzie first revealed his next album's name on Twitter.

  • But that year of Waiting has been one of the longest and most dramatic in hip hop history, from copyright infringement against a really life cult to label switch to a brief period of quitting music entirely.

  • Wait for eternal a take has started to feel like it's taking forever, and it's still not over.

  • This is the eternal wait for eternal it.

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  • Lil Uzi for its last album, Love His Rage To was a pretty massive success.

  • It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 in August 2017 and it sold more than 135 units in its first week on sale.

  • It got rave reviews and was later certified double platinum and above all, it left people wanting more in Ex Excels Interview.

  • They wrote that Uzi definitely got it right with love his rage to They described the songs as catching the Beets has Hot and Uzis vocals as a new definition of the term rap rock star.

  • Tiny Mixtapes wrote that it was hard to imagine anything else serving as a better document of rap.

  • In 2017 just a month after the release of Love, his rage to Uzi announced yet another project.

  • This time it was to be a collaboration mixtape with Playboy cardi.

  • They also announced a joint tour called the 16 by 29 Tour, but who's he publicly backed out of it shortly after claiming that he needed to focus, and he's mostly been in hiding ever since he featured on a few songs early last year, including Watch with Travis Scott, Judo with Labour Party and a remix of Little Tracy's Like Farmer.

  • But after he announced Eternal a Take on Twitter in June 2018 that's when he really went off the grid.

  • Here's how it all went down May 2018.

  • Label exact on.

  • Cannon announces that he has a new project, dropping at some point that year.

  • Two months later, in July.

  • Uzi Tweets.

  • That eternal take is coming soon.

  • Later that month, he shares to cover Our Cover.

  • Art takes heavy inspiration from the Heaven's Gate cult and the two living cultists that didn't join the other members in their 1997 past.

  • Suicide threatened to sue Susie Fork operate in French.

  • At this point, we're a year from the release of Love is reached, too, and people are starting to get restless.

  • Who's he?

  • Drops a song.

  • New Protect in September.

  • Song is a hit, but after dropping it, he goes quiet for three months until January of 2019 when he announces that he's quitting music entirely.

  • He writes on Instagram that he's done with the industry that he defeated everything he says he wants to be normal again and wake up in 2013 people quickly catch on that his label is preventing him from dropping the album, and the hype has never been stronger was he finally makes progress towards dropping eternal take in March 2019 when he signs a new management deal with Jay Z's Rock Nation on gets back in the studio to record music.

  • He releases two singles That's Iraq and Sanguine Paradise.

  • But it's almost 2020 and the album still is now.

  • There's been no word on when it might drop, if ever.

  • It feels like the chances of boozy never dropping out again are Justus high as him actually being able to release eternal a take?

  • But we're still waiting.

  • Why are we still waiting?

  • We're still waiting because Susie is a natural performer.

  • As a soundcloud rapper, he came up being loosely associated with rappers who have long since fallen off little Yadi.

  • We grown when he dropped something new Little skies.

  • No one really takes him seriously, either.

  • Even trippy reds artistic credibility is slowly disappearing.

  • Most Soundcloud rappers just couldn't keep up with the industry.

  • Sure, they still make money, but their hold on our tensions bands has died.

  • There's just something different about Suzie.

  • He's captured his listeners attention in a way that no other Soundcloud rapper was able to do.

  • And he's arguably one of the only true Soundcloud rappers who still has a significant amount of hype surrounding their music.

  • So we're waiting impatiently, sure, but the amount of excitement surrounding eternal take is at an all time high.

  • And where does that leave us?

  • It leaves us invested in newsies career, even with no real guarantee that his career is over.

  • We're still excited because we just love Uzis music and his personality.

  • I would almost say that the wait for Eternal A Take is becoming a hobby in itself, made more intense by the album supposed themes of neon occultism.

  • Some people even think that the album won't be able to live up to type.

  • The myth of eternal it take has become almost more powerful than the music could ever be.

  • Ties back into the name itself eternal take being another way of saying forever, overtaking according to use without ever officially existing in the world eternal.

  • A take has kept Uzi on top of the rap game for more than a year through the power of pure expectation, even if it never comes out.

  • Theobald Bem is already becoming a legendary moment in hip hop history.

  • Now we can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • A CZ We continue on the eternal wait for eternal take.

  • This has been VOCs, guys, thank you for watching.

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for final broadcast of the evening.


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