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  • right.

  • It's everything right now.

  • I'm not leaving you here alone with mom.

  • What would you say, Carrie?

  • I have something.

  • A child murdered profile refuses to accept any liability for the murder rather than it was the deceased fault.

  • If you were a 30 year old man with a mind of someone you were, you would be judged not fit for trial.

  • This waas a horrific attack on a defenseless sleeping Mr Jamison's returned resulted in Rafael No longer being seen as a child in need.

  • Is this correct?

  • More rational decision making.

  • Part of the brain isn't fully ground profile.

  • You're being tried for murder, You understand?

  • Yes.

  • The one off original drama Responsible Child on BBC two and be the C hi player.



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A2 初級

責任ある子供予告編|BBC予告編 (Responsible Child: Trailer | BBC Trailers)

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